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2021-01Analysis of VVER-1000 mock-up criticality experiments with nuclear data library ENDF/B-VIII.0 and Monte Carlo code MCSSetiawan, Fathurrahman; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, DeokjungARTICLE78
2018-09-30Application of UNIST Monte Carlo Code MCS for Nuclear Fuel Transport Cask AnalysisNguyen, Trong Mai Nhan; Kong, Chidong; Lemaire, Matthieu; Zhang, Peng; Shin, Ho Cheol; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE65
2019-08-26APR-1400 WHOLE-CORE DEPLETION ANALYSIS WITH MCSNguyen, Tung Dong Cao; Lee, Hyunsuk; Choe, Jiwon; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE62
2018-10-25Assessment on PWR Fuel Depletion and Neutron Multiplication Factors for High Density Spent Fuel PoolJeong, Sanggeol; Kim, Wonkyeong; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE95
2018-05Comment on "Vanadium, rhodium, silver and cobalt self-powered neutron detector calculations by RAST-K v2.0" ReplyKhoshahval, Farrokh; Zhang, Peng; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, DeokjungARTICLE356
2018-04-22Conceptual Core Design of a Small Modular Fast Reactor Cooled by Lead-Bismuth EutecticNguyen, Dong Cao Tung; Choe, Jiwon; Ebiwonjumi, Bamidele; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE39
2020-06Conceptual design of long-cycle boron-free small modular pressurized water reactor with control rod operationJang, Jaerim; Choe, Jiwon; Choi, Sooyoung; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, Deokjung; Shin, Ho CheolARTICLE101
2019-01Core design of long-cycle small modular lead-cooled fast reactorTung Dong Cao Nguyen; Choe, Jiwon; Ebiwonjumi, Bamidele; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, DeokjungARTICLE323
2019-10-25Criticality Analysis of VVER-1000 Mock-up with the Monte Carlo code MCSSetiawan, Fathurrahman; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, Hyunsuk; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE41
2019-01Depletion chain optimization of lattice code STREAM for LWR fuel assembly burnup analysisKhang Hoang Nhat Nguyen; Choi, Sooyoung; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, DeokjungARTICLE335
2019-08-26DEVELOPMENT AT UNIST OF MONTE CARLO MULTI-PHYSICS CODE MCS FOR POWER REACTOR ANALYSISLee, Hyunsuk; Lee, Woonghee; Zhang, Peng; Lemaire, Matthieu; Khassenov, Azamat; Jo, Yunki; Park, Jinsu; Yu, Jiankai; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE64
2019-08-26DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW WEIGHT WINDOW GENERATOR BASED ON MARKOV DECISION PROCESSZhang, Peng; Lee, Hyunsuk; Mai, Nhan Nguyen Trong; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE48
2018-10-25Development of a Variance Reduction Scheme in the MCS Monte Carlo CodeZhang, Peng; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, Hyunsuk; Nguyen, Trong Mai Nhan; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE60
2019-10-24Development of AutoCASK Code System for PWR Spent Nuclear Fuel Cask Analysis at UNISTKim, Wonkyeong; Jang, Jaerim; Ebiwonjumi, Bamidele; Lee, Hyunsuk; Lemaire, Matthieu; Zhang, Peng; Kang, Seung-gu; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE47
2019-08Development of integral type spent fuel pool storage rack with gadolinium and europium-containing structure materialsKim, Mi Jin; Kim, Wonkyeong; Lee, Deokjung; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, Hee-Jae; Sohn, Dong-Seong; Kwon, HyukjooARTICLE340
2018-04-22Development of Photon-Transport Capability in UNIST Monte Carlo Code MCSLemaire, Matthieu; Lee, Hyunsuk; Ebiwonjumi, Bamidele; Kong, Chidong; Kim, Wonkyeong; Jo, Yunki; Park, Jinsu; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE49
2018-04-22ENDF/B-VII Depletion Library Compression to Optimize the Computational Efficiency in STREAM CodeNguyen, Hoang Nhat Khang; Choi, Sooyoung; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE27
2017-08-24Experimental Validation of STREAM for Spent Nuclear Fuel ApplicationsEbiwonjumi, Bamidele; Choi, Sooyoung; Lemaire, Matthieu; Lee, Deokjung; Shin, Ho CheolCONFERENCE38
2020-08Extension of Monte Carlo code MCS to spent fuel cask shielding analysisMai, Nhan Nguyen Trong; Zhang, Peng; Lemaire, Matthieu; Ebiwonjumi, Bamidele; Kim, Wonkyeong; Lee, Hyunsuk; Lee, DeokjungARTICLE77
2020-04Fuel performance analysis of BEAVRS benchmark Cycle 1 depletion with MCS/FRAPCON coupled systemYu, Jiankai; Lee, Hyunsuk; Lemaire, Matthieu; Kim, Hanjoo; Zhang, Peng; Lee, DeokjungARTICLE263
Showing results 1 to 20 of 52