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2014-121-Propanol as a co-guest of gas hydrates and its potential role in gas storage and CO2 sequestrationLee, Youngjun; Lee, Seungmin; Jin, Young Keun; Seo, YongwonARTICLE1339
2013-022-Propanol As a Co-Guest of Structure II Hydrates in the Presence of Help GasesLee, Youngjun; Lee, Seungmin; Park, Sungwon; Kim, Yunju; Lee, Jong-Won; Seo, YongwonARTICLE1163
2016-04Accurate measurement of phase equilibria and dissociation enthalpies of HFC-134a hydrates in the presence of NaCl for potential application in desalinationLee, Dongyoung; Lee, Yohan; Choi, Wonjung; Lee, Seungmin; Seo, YongwonARTICLE883
2016-05Airborne Measurements of High Pollutant Concentration Events in the Free Troposphere over the West Coast of South Korea between 1997 and 2011Lee, Greem; Oh, Hye-Ryun; Ho, Chang-Hoi; Kim, Jinwon; Song, Chang-Keun; Chang, Lim-Seok; Lee, Jae-Bum; Lee, SeungminARTICLE838
2013-07CO2 capture from simulated fuel gas mixtures using semiclathrate hydrates formed by quaternary ammonium saltsPark, Sungwon; Lee, Seungmin; Lee, Youngjun; Seo, YongwonARTICLE849
2021-07Depression Symptoms Mediate Mismatch Between Perceived Severity of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Preventive MotivesPark, Jiwon; Lee, Seungmin; Sul, Sunhae; Chung, DongilARTICLE297
2016-01Enclathration of tert-butyl alcohol in sII hydrates and its implications in gas storage and CO2 sequestrationKim, Eunae; Lee, Seungmin; Lee, Ju Dong; Seo, YongwonARTICLE889
2010-11Experimental Measurement and Thermodynamic Modeling of Hydrate-Phase Equilibria for the Ternary C2H6 + NaCl + Water and C3H8 + NaCl + Water Mixtures in Silica Gel PoresLee, Seungmin; Seo, YongwonARTICLE773
2010-06Experimental Measurement and Thermodynamic Modeling of the Mixed CH4 + C3H8 Clathrate Hydrate Equilibria in Silica Gel Pores: Effects of Pore Size and SalinityLee, Seungmin; Seo, YongwonARTICLE827
2013-06Experimental verification of methane replacement in gas hydrates by carbon dioxideSeo, Yongwon; Lee, Seungmin; Lee, JaehyoungARTICLE1236
2013-11Experimental verification of methane-carbon dioxide replacement in natural gas hydrates using a differential scanning calorimeterLee, Seungmin; Lee, Yohan; Lee, Jaehyoung; Lee, Huen; Seo, YongwonARTICLE854
2011-09Guest Gas Enclathration in Semiclathrates of Tetra-n-butylammonium Bromide: Stability Condition and Spectroscopic AnalysisLee, Seungmin; Park, Sungmin; Lee, Youngjun; Lee, Jaehyoung; Lee, Huen; Seo, YongwonARTICLE793
2020-07-16HetPipe: Enabling Large DNN Training on (Whimpy) Heterogeneous GPU Clusters through Integration of Pipelined Model Parallelism and Data ParallelismPark, Jay H.; Yun, Gyeongchan; Yi, Chang M.; Nguyen, Nguyen T.; Lee, Seungmin; Choi, Jaesik; Noh, Sam H.; Choi, Young-RiCONFERENCE282
2013-05Hydrate-based pre-combustion capture of carbon dioxide in the presence of a thermodynamic promoter and porous silica gelsPark, Sungwon; Lee, Seungmin; Lee, Youngjun; Lee, Yohan; Seo, YongwonARTICLE893
2013-10Influence of transboundary air pollutants from China on the high-PM10 episode in Seoul, Korea for the period October 16-20, 2008Lee, Seungmin; Ho, Chang-Hoi; Lee, Yun Gon; Choi, Hyoung-Jin; Song, Chang-KeunARTICLE512
2015-05Influences of large molecular alcohols on gas hydrates and their potential role in gas storage and CO2 sequestrationKim, Eunae; Lee, Seungmin; Lee, Ju Dong; Seo, YongwonARTICLE1048
2015-05Long-range transport of air pollutants originating in China: A possible major cause of multi-day high-PM10 episodes during cold season in Seoul, KoreaOh, Hye-Ryun; Ho, Chang-Hoi; Kim, Jinwon; Chen, Deliang; Lee, Seungmin; Choi, Yong-Sang; Chang, Lim-Seok; Song, Chang-KeunARTICLE715
2010-11Phase Behavior and C-13 NMR Spectroscopic Analysis of the Mixed Methane plus Ethane plus Propane Hydrates in Mesoporous Silica GelsLee, Seungmin; Cha, Inuk; Seo, YongwonARTICLE817
2009-04Phase Equilibria and Thermodynamic Modeling of Ethane and Propane Hydrates in Porous Silica GelsSeo, Yongwon; Lee, Seungmin; Cha, Inuk; Lee, Ju Dong; Lee, HuenARTICLE824
2010-12Phase Equilibria of Semiclathrate Hydrate for Nitrogen in the Presence of Tetra-n-butylammonium Bromide and FluorideLee, Seungmin; Lee, Youngjun; Park, Sungmin; Seo, YongwonARTICLE634
Showing results 1 to 20 of 31