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2001-08A new hydrate-based recovery process for removing chlorinated hydrocarbons from aqueous solutionsSeo, Yongwon; Lee, HARTICLE808
2004-02Bandpass variable-bandwidth filter for reconstruction of signals with known boundary in time-frequency domainLee, H; Bien, ZeungnamARTICLE1003
2010-10Bio-chemical reaction enhancement using magnetic axis controlled spinning microparticles with structural color barcodeLee, H; Kim, H; Kim, J; Kim, Jiyun; Kwon, SCONFERENCE184
2019-04-26Characteristics of Ground Motions Generated by the 2017 M5.4 Pohang, South Korea Earthquake and its AftershockLee, J; Ahn, J; Kim, M; Lee, H; Kim, ByungminCONFERENCE173
2005-06Chemical imaging in a surface forces apparatus: Confocal Raman spectroscopy of confined poly(dimethylsiloxane)Bae, Sung Chul; Lee, H; Lin, ZQ; Granick, SteveARTICLE834
2016-05-23Compressive strain sensing using carbon nanotube/graphene nanoplatelet/PDMS hybrid nanocompositesJeong, CY; Lee, H; Park, Young-BinCONFERENCE247
2013-04-14Design of Small-size Ultra-long Cycle Fast Reactor with PWR Spent FuelLee, Deokjung; Tak, T; Lee, H; Choi, SCONFERENCE158
2019-08-25Development of Monte Carlo multi-physics code MCS for power reactor analysisLee, H; Kim, W; Zhang, P; Lemaire, M; Khassenov, A; Jo, Y; Park, J; Yu, J; Lee, DeokjungCONFERENCE164
2019-04-26Differences between main-shock and aftershock ground motions using the Japan’s KiK-net databaseLee, H; Park, H; Kim, ByungminCONFERENCE210
2005-11Effects on signal integrity and radiated emission by split reference plane on high-speed multilayer printed circuit boardsKim, Jingook; Lee, H; Kim, JARTICLE895
2016-10-18Enhanced understanding of non‐axisymmetric intrinsic and controlled field impacts in tokamaksIn, Yongkyoon; Park, JK; Park, JK; Jeon, Y; Jeon, Y; Kim, J; Kim, J; Park, G; Park, G; Ko, WH; Ko, WH; Lee, H; Lee, H; Juhn, JW; Juhn, JW; Yoon, SW; Yoon, SW; Park, Hyeon Keo; Park, Hyeon KeoCONFERENCE178
2004-11Ferromagnetism at the edges of the stacked graphitic fragments: an ab initio studyLee, H; Park, Noejung; Son, YW; Han, SW; Yu, JJARTICLE749
2003-01Hydrate phase equilibria of the ternary CH4+NaCl plus water, CO2+NaCl plus water and CH4+CO2 plus water mixtures in silica gel poresSeo, Yongwon; Lee, HARTICLE785
2002-04Hydration number and two-phase equilibria of CH4 hydrate in the deep ocean sedimentsSeo, Yongwon; Lee, H; Ryu, BJARTICLE719
2010-04In-situ fabrication and heterogeneous magnetic axes control of microactuator with aligned superparamagnetic nanoparticle chainsKim, Jiyun; Chung, ES; Lee, H; Kwon, SCONFERENCE138
2005-11Magnetic ordering at the edges of graphitic fragments: Magnetic tail interactions between the edge-localized statesLee, H; Son, YW; Park, Noejung; Han, SW; Yu, JJARTICLE765
2019-09-04Magnetoelectrically-coupled room-temperature single-phase ferromagnetic-ferroelectric ceramicsCho, J; Lee, J; Lee, H; Lee, N; Lee, G; Hwang, G; Kim, S; Lee, J; Jo, WookCONFERENCE124
2000-10Metallocycles with Tripled Hydrophobic TailsLah, Myoung Soo; Kwak, B; Lee, HARTICLE751
2002-11Methane and carbon dioxide hydrate phase behavior in small porous silica gels: Three-phase equilibrium determination and thermodynamic modelingSeo, Yongwon; Lee, H; Uchida, TARTICLE772
Showing results 1 to 20 of 39