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2007-1210-Gb/s optical fiber transmission using a fully analog electronic dispersion compensator (EDC) with unclocked decision-feedback equalizationChandramouli, Soumya; Bien, Franklin; Kim, Hyoungsoo; Scholz, Chris; Gebara, Edward; Laskar, JoyARTICLE877
2006-12A 10-Gb/s reconfigurable CMOS equalizer employing a transition detector-based output monitoring technique for band-limited serial linksBien, Franklin; Kim, Hyoungsoo; Hur, Youngsik; Maeng, Moonkyun; Cha, Jeongwon; Chandramouli, Soumya; Gebara, Edward; Laskar, JoyARTICLE792
2010-03A 122-mW Low-Power Multiresolution Spectrum-Sensing IC With Self-Deactivated Partial Swing TechniquesSong, Taejoong; Park, Jongmin; Lee, Sang Min; Choi, Jaehyouk; Kim, Kihong; Lee, Chang-Ho; Lim, Kyutae; Laskar, JoyARTICLE672
2009-07A 2.4 GHz Fully Integrated Linear CMOS Power Amplifier With Discrete Power ControlAn, Kyu Hwan; Lee, Dong Ho; Lee, Ockgoo; Kim, Hyungwook; Han, Jeonghu; Kim, Woonyun; Lee, Chang-Ho; Kim, Haksun; Laskar, JoyARTICLE434
2009-01A Fully Integrated UHF-Band CMOS Receiver With Multi-Resolution Spectrum Sensing (MRSS) Functionality for IEEE 802.22 Cognitive Radio ApplicationsPark, Jongmin; Song, Taejoong; Hur, Joonhoi; Lee, Sang Min; Choi, Jungki; Kim, Kihong; Lim, Kyutae; Lee, Chang-Ho; Kim, Haksun; Laskar, JoyARTICLE447
2011-04A Low Power and Wide Range Programmable Clock Generator With a High Multiplication FactorChoi, Jaehyouk; Kim, Stephen T.; Kim, Woonyun; Kim, Kwan-Woo; Lim, Kyutae; Laskar, JoyARTICLE685
2016-07A Multilevel Class-D CMOS Power Amplifier for an Out-Phasing Transmitter with a Nonisolated Power CombinerHur, Joonhoi; Kim, Hyoungsoo; Lee, Ockgoo; Kim, Kwan-Woo; Bien, Franklin; Lim, Kyutae; Lee, Chang Ho; Laskar, JoyARTICLE695
2011-12A Non-Interruptive Link-Variation Monitoring Circuit for Wireless Sensor ApplicationsKim, Stephen T.; Choi, Jaehyouk; Chae, Kwanyeob; Beck, Sungho; Kim, Seong-Hyok; Bien, Franklin; Lee, Chang-Ho; Lim, Kyutae; Laskar, Joy; Tentzeris, Manos M.ARTICLE749
2007-12An electronic dispersion compensator (EDC) with an analog eye-opening monitor (EOM) for 1.25-Gb/s gigabit passive optical network (GPON) upstream linksBien, Franklin; Kim, Hyoungsoo; de Ginestous, Jean; Lee, Kil-Hoon; Chandramouli, Soumya; Hur, Youngsik; Scholz, Chris; Gebara, Edward; Laskar, JoyARTICLE679
2010-03Analysis and Design of Fully Integrated High-Power Parallel-Circuit Class-E CMOS Power AmplifiersLee, Ockgoo; An, Kyu Hwan; Kim, Hyungwook; Lee, Dong Ho; Han, Jeonghu; Yang, Ki Seok; Lee, Chang-Ho; Kim, Haksun; Laskar, JoyARTICLE374
2009-05Analysis and Design Techniques of CMOS Charge-Pump-Based Radio-Frequency Antenna-Switch ControllersCha, Jeongwon; Ahn, Minsik; Cho, Changhyuk; Lee, Chang-Ho; Kim, Haksun; Laskar, JoyARTICLE445
2011-04Low-Power Technique for SRAM-Based On-Chip Arbitrary-Waveform GeneratorSong, Taejoong; Lee, Sang Min; Park, Jongmin; Hur, Joonhoi; Lee, Michael; Kim, Kihong; Lee, Chang-Ho; Bien, Franklin; Lim, Kyutae; Laskar, JoyARTICLE697
2008-05Power-combining transformer techniques for fully-integrated CMOS power amplifiersAn, Kyu Hwan; Lee, Ockgoo; Kim, Hyungwook; Lee, Dong Ho; Han, Jeonghu; Yang, Ki Seok; Kim, Younsuk; Chang, Jae Joon; Woo, Wangmyong; Lee, Chang-Ho; Kim, Haksun; Laskar, JoyARTICLE331
Showing results 1 to 13 of 13