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2007-05Methacrylate homo- and copolymers containing photosensitive abietate group: Their high thermal stability, unique photocrosslinking behavior, transparency, and photolithographic applicationKwak, Giseop; Choi, Jae-Ung; Seo, Kwan-Ho; Park, Lee Soon; Hyun, Seok-Hee; Kim, Woo-SikARTICLE494
2004-01Photolithographic process of microcapsule sheet for electrophoretic displayPark, Lee Soon; Choi, Hyung Suk; Kim, Woo-Sik; Lee, Dong-Ho; Min, Kyung-Eun; Seo, Kwan-Ho; Kang, Inn Kyu; Park, Soo-Young; Hwang, Sung Ho; Kwon, YounghwanARTICLE550
2020-05Separation principle of xylene isomers and ethylbenzene with hydrogen-bonded host frameworks via first-principles calculationKim, Su Hwan; Park, Ju Hyun; Go, Eun Min; Kim, Woo-Sik; Kwak, Sang KyuARTICLE119
2018-06-21Sodium chlorate chiral symmetry breaking during crystallization via computational simulationLee, Jiyun; Kim, Jin Chul; Kim, Woo-Sik; Kwak, Sang KyuCONFERENCE50
2016-11Stereoselective Inhibitors Based on Nonpolar Hydrocarbons for Polar Organic CrystalsKim, Jun-Yeong; Lee, Seung-Heon; Choi, In Young; Choi, Jae-Young; Lee, Seung-Chul; Jazbinsek, Mojca; Kim, Woo-Sik; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Huh, Yun Suk; Kang, Jeong Won; Kwon, O-PilARTICLE516
2018-10Synthesis of Cu7S4 nanoparticles: Role of halide ions, calculation, and electrochemical propertiesTang, Zengmin; Park, Ju Hyun; Kim, Su Hwan; Kim, Jaemin; Mun, Junyoung; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kim, Woo-Sik; Yu, TaekyungARTICLE303
2004-07광반응 곁사슬기로서 4-스티릴피리딘유도체를 가지는 용해성 폴리이미드의 합성과 광배향Park, Lee Soon; Kim, Min-Woo; Ahn, Deok-Kyoon; Lee, Dong-Ho; Seo, Kwan-Ho; Ha, Ki-Ryong; Kim, Woo-SikARTICLE781
2000-08로진을 함유하는 광경 화성 고분자의 합성과 특성(2)Park, Lee Soon; Kim, Woo-Sik; Ryu, Sang-Chul; Hong, Ki,-Heon; Lee, Dong-Ho; Min, Kyung-Eun; Seo, Kwan-Ho; Kang, Inn-KyuARTICLE932
2000-07메탈로센 촉매를 이용한 에틸렌과 시클로올레핀의 공중합 : Ⅰ. 촉매의 영향Park, Lee Soon; Lee, Dong-Ho; Jung, Hee-Kyung; Kim, Woo-Sik; Min, Kyung-Eun; Seo, Kwan-Ho; Kang, Inn-Kyu; Noh, Seok-kyunARTICLE870
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9