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2012-02A rapid and facile method for measuring corrosion rates using dynamic light scatteringJoo, Jinmyoung; Seo, Hyejung; Chun, Changho; Han, Kunwoo; Jung, Hwangyo; Kim, Sungjee; Jeon, SangminARTICLE322
2014-06Aqueous-Solution Route to Zinc Telluride Films for Application to CO2 ReductionJang, Ji-Wook; Cho, Seungho; Magesh, Ganesan; Jang, Youn Jeong; Kim, Jae Young; Kim, Won Yong; Seo, Jeong Kon; Kim, Sungjee; Lee, Kun-Hong; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE1280
2011-10Bandgap engineered monodisperse and stable mercury telluride quantum dots and their application for near-infrared photodetectionKim, Sungwoo; Kim, Taehoon; Im, Sang Hyuk; Seok, Sang Il; Kim, Kang Wook; Kim, Sungjee; Kim, Sang-WookARTICLE692
2010-02Fabrication of gold nanoparticles and silicon oxide corpuscles from block copolymersCho, Heesook; Kim, Sungjee; Park, SoojinARTICLE759
2013-08Facile fabrication of two-dimensional inorganic nanostructures and their conjugation to nanocrystalsCho, Seungho; Jang, Ji-Wook; Park, Juwon; Jung, Sungwook; Jeong, Sanghwa; Kwag, Jungheon; Lee, Jae Sung; Kim, SungjeeARTICLE1209
2016-08Formation and Stepwise Self-Assembly of Cadmium Chalcogenide Nanocrystals to Colloidal Supra-Quantum Dots and the SuperlatticesPark, Juwon; Jeong, Sanghwa; Bang, Jiwon; Kim, Bomi; Doh, Hyunmi; Cho, Seungho; Hwang, Sungjae; Kim, SungjeeARTICLE605
2018-12Heterojunction Area-Controlled Inorganic Nanocrystal Solar Cells Fabricated Using Supra-Quantum DotsPark, Juwon; Hwang, Sungjae; Jeong, Sanghwa; Kim, Sungjee; Bang, Jiwon; Cho, SeunghoARTICLE516
2013-04Highly Fluorescent and Stable Quantum Dot-Polymer-Layered Double Hydroxide CompositesCho, Seungho; Kwag, Jungheon; Jeong, Sanghwa; Baek, Yeonggyeong; Kim, SungjeeARTICLE399
2019-02Multi-Spectral Fluorescence Imaging of Colon Dysplasia In Vivo Using a Multi-Spectral Endoscopy SystemBae, Sang Mun; Bae, Dong-Jun; Do, Eun-Ju; Oh, Gyungseok; Yoo, Su Woong; Lee, Gil-Je; Chae, Ji Soo; Yun, Youngkuk; Kim, Sungjee; Kim, Ki Hean; Chung, Euiheon; Kim, Jun Ki; Hwang, Sung Wook; Park, Sang Hyoung; Yang, Dong-Hoon; Ye, Byong Duk; Byeon, Jeong-Sik; Yang, Suk-Kyun; Joo, Jinmyoung; Kim, Sang-Yeob; Myung, Seung-JaeARTICLE369
2010-10Multilayered Semiconductor (CdS/CdSe/ZnS)-Sensitized TiO2 Mesoporous Solar Cells: All Prepared by Successive Ionic Layer Adsorption and Reaction ProcessesLee, Hyo Joong; Bang, Jiwon; Park, Juwon; Kim, Sungjee; Park, Su-MoonARTICLE846
2014-07Nanoparticles of Conjugated Polymers Prepared from Phase-Separated Films of Phospholipids and Polymers for Biomedical ApplicationsYoon, Jungju; Kwag, Jungheon; Shin, Tae Joo; Park, Joonhyuck; Lee, Yong Man; Lee, Yebin; Park, Jonghyup; Heo, Jung; Joo, Chulmin; Park, Tae Jung; Yoo, Pil J.; Kim, Sungjee; Park, JuhyunARTICLE201
2014-01Quantum dot-layered double hydroxide composites for near-infrared emitting codesCho, Seungho; Hong, Seong Cheol; Kim, SungjeeARTICLE419
2012-12Self-Assembled Gold Nanoparticle-Mixed Metal Oxide Nanocomposites for Self-Sensitized Dye Degradation under Visible Light IrradiationCho, Seungho; Jang, Ji-Wook; Hwang, Sekyu; Lee, Jae Sung; Kim, SungjeeARTICLE667
2020-11Size-Dependent Photovoltaic Performance of CdSe Supraquantum Dot/Polymer Hybrid Solar Cells: “Goldilocks Problem” Resolved by Tuning the Band Alignment Using Surface LigandsPark, Juwon; Lee, Ji Hwang; Doh, Hyunmi; Heo, Soo Won; Cho, Kilwon; Kim, Sungjee; Cho, Seungho; Bang, JiwonARTICLE192
2013-02-25Strategies for synthesizing quantum dot-layered double hydroxide compositesCho, Seungho; Jung, Sungwook; Kim, SungjeeCONFERENCE99
2013-01Strategy for Synthesizing Quantum Dot-Layered Double Hydroxide Nanocomposites and Their Enhanced Photoluminescence and PhotostabilityCho, Seungho; Jung, Sungwook; Jeong, Sanghwa; Bang, Jiwon; Park, Joonhyuck; Park, Youngrong; Kim, SungjeeARTICLE407
2010-08The fabrication of highly uniform ZnO/CdS core/shell structures using a spin-coating-based successive ion layer adsorption and reaction methodJoo, Jinmyoung; Kim, Darae; Yun, Dong-Jin; Jun, Hwichan; Rhee, Shi-Woo; Lee, Jae Sung; Yong, Kijung; Kim, Sungjee; Jeon, SangminARTICLE798
2010-01ZnTe/ZnSe (Core/Shell) Type-II Quantum Dots: Their Optical and Photovoltaic PropertiesBang, Jiwon; Park, Juwon; Lee, Ji Hwang; Won, Nayoun; Nam, Jutaek; Lim, Jongwoo; Chang, Byoung Yong; Lee, Hyo Joong; Chon, Bonghwan; Shin, Junghan; Park, Jae Byung; Choi, Jong Hwa; Cho, Kilwon; Park, Su-Moon; Joo, Taiha; Kim, SungjeeARTICLE1106
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18