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2005-12A magnetically separable, highly stable enzyme system based on nanocomposites of enzymes and magnetic nanoparticles shipped in hierarchically ordered, mesocellular, mesoporous silicaKim, Jungbae; Lee, Jinwoo; Na, Hyon Bin; Kim, Byoung Chan; Youn, Jong Kyu; Kwak, Jahun; Moon, Karam; Lee, Eunwoong; Kim, Jaeyun; Park, Jongnam; Dohnalkova, Alice; Park, Hyun Gyu; Gu, Man Bock; Chang, Ho Nam; Grate, Jay W.; Hyeon, TaeghwanARTICLE745
2007-02Crosslinked enzyme aggregates in hierarchically-ordered mesoporous silica: A simple and effective method for enzyme stabilizationKim, Moon Il; Kim, Jungbae; Lee, Jinwoo; Jia, Hongfei; Bin Na, Hyon; Youn, Jong Kyu; Kwak, Ja Hun; Dohnalkova, Alice; Grate, Jay W.; Wang, Ping; Hyeon, Taeghwan; Park, Hyun Gyu; Chang, Ho NamARTICLE744
2005-08Direct fabrication of enzyme-carrying polymer nanofibers by electrospinningHerricks, Thurston E.; Kim, Sae-Hoon; Kim, Jungbae; Li, Dan; Kwak, Jahun; Grate, Jay W.; Kim, Seong H.; Xia, YounanARTICLE614
2013-09Environmentally friendly pretreatment of plant biomass by planetary and attrition millingKim, Hyeon Jeong; Lee, Siseon; Kim, Jungbae; Mitchell, Robert J.; Lee, Jing HyungARTICLE658
2006-01Magnetic fluorescent delivery vehicle using uniform mesoporous silica spheres embedded with monodisperse magnetic and semiconductor nanocrystalsKim, Jaeyun; Lee, Ji Eun; Lee, Jinwoo; Yu, Jung Ho; Kim, Byoung Chan; An, Kwangjin; Hwang, Yosun; Shin, Chae-Ho; Park, Je-Geun; Kim, Jungbae; Hyeon, TaeghwanARTICLE727
2011-09Magnetic mesoporous materials for removal of environmental wastesKim, Byoung Chan; Lee, Jinwoo; Um, Wooyong; Kim, Jaeyun; Joo, Jin; Lee, Jin Hyung; Kwak, Jahun; Kim, Jae Hyun; Lee, Changha; Lee, Hongshin; Addleman, R. Shane; Hyeon, Taeghwan; Gu, Man Bock; Kim, JungbaeARTICLE836
2009-05Magnetically-separable and highly-stable enzyme system based on crosslinked enzyme aggregates shipped in magnetite-coated mesoporous silicaLee, Jinwoo; Na, Hyon Bin; Kim, Byoung Chan; Lee, Jin Hyung; Lee, Byoungsoo; Kwak, Jahun; Hwang, Yosun; Park, Je-Geun; Gu, Man Bock; Kim, Jaeyun; Joo, Jin; Shin, Chae-Ho; Grate, Jay W.; Hyeon, Taeghwan; Kim, JungbaeARTICLE587
2005-12Preparation of a magnetically switchable bioelectrocatalytic system employing cross-linked enzyme aggregates in magnetic mesocellular carbon foamLee, Jinwoo; Lee, Dohoon; Oh, Eunkeu; Kim, Jaeyun; Kim, Young-Pil; Jin, Sunmi; Ki, Hak-Sung; Hwang, Yosun; Kwak, Jahun; Park, Je-Geun; Shin, ChaeHo; Kim, Jungbae; Hyeon, TaeghwanARTICLE613
2005-07Preparation of biocatalytic nanofibres with high activity and stability via enzyme aggregate coating on polymer nanofibresKim, Byoung Chan; Nair, Sujith; Kim, Jungbae; Kwak, Jahun; Grate, Jay W.; Kim, Seong H; Gu, Man BockARTICLE784
2005-12Simple fabrication of a highly sensitive and fast glucose biosensor using enzymes immobilized in mesocellular carbon foamLee, Dohoon; Lee, Jinwoo; Kim, Jungbae; Kim, Jaeyun; Na, Hyon Bin; Kim, Bokie; Shin, Chae-Ho; Kwak, Jahun; Dohnalkova, Alice; Grate, Jay W.; Hyeon, Taeghwan; Kim, Hak-SungARTICLE581
2008-01Simple synthesis of functionalized superparamagnetic magnetite/silica core/shell nanoparticles and their application as magnetically separable high-performance biocatalystsLee, Jinwoo; Lee, Youjin; Youn, Jong Kyu; Bin Na, Hyon; Yu, Taekyung; Kim, Hwan; Lee, Sang-Mok; Koo, Yoon-Mo; Kwak, Ja Hun; Park, Hyun Gyu; Chang, Ho Nam; Hwang, Misun; Park, Je-Geun; Kim, Jungbae; Hyeon, TaeghwanARTICLE653
2005-07Simple synthesis of hierarchically ordered mesocellular mesoporous silica materials hosting crosslinked enzyme aggregatesLee, Jinwoo; Kim, Jungbae; Kim, Jaeyun; Jia, Hongfei; Kim, Moon Il; Kwak, Jahun; Jin, Sunmi; Dohnalkova, Alice; Park, Hyun Gyu; Chang, Ho Nam; Wang, Ping; Grate, Jay W.; Hyeon, TaeghwanARTICLE632
2006-07Single enzyme nanoparticles in nanoporous silica: A hierarchical approach to enzyme stabilization and immobilizationKim, Jungbae; Jia, Hongfei; Lee, Chang-won; Chung, Seung-wook; Kwak, Jahun; Shin, Yongsoon; Dohnalkova, Alice; Kim, Byung-Gee; Wang, Ping; Grate, Jay W.ARTICLE653
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