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2007-01A 0.1-mu m 1.8-V 256-Mb phase-change random access memory (PRAM) with 66-MHz synchronous burst-read operationKang, Sangbeom; Cho, Woo Yeong; Cho, Beak-Hyung; Lee, Kwang-Jin; Lee, Chang-Soo; Oh, Hyung-Rok; Choi, Byung-Gil; Wang, Qi; Kim, Hye-Jin; Park, Mu-Hui; Ro, Yn Hwan; Kim, Suyeon; Ha, Choong-Duk; Kim, Ki-Sung; Kim, Young-Ran; Kim, Du-Eung; Kwak, Choong-Keun; Byun, Hyun-Geun; Jeong, Gitae; Jeong, Hongsik; Kim, Kinam; Shin, YunSuengARTICLE155
2009-10A method for covering a substrate with highly-oriented single crystalline hexagonal zinc structures under ambient pressure and room temperatureCho, Seungho; Kim, Hye-Jin; Lee, Kun-HongARTICLE259
2012-01"Continuous" Method for the Fast Screening of Thermodynamic Promoters of Gas Hydrates Using a Quartz Crystal MicrobalanceLee, Bo Ram; Sa, Jeong-Hoon; Park, Da-Hye; Cho, Seungho; Lee, Jaegeun; Kim, Hye-Jin; Oh, Eugene; Jeon, Sangmin; Lee, Ju Dong; Lee, Kun-HongARTICLE280
2009-09Facile and Fast Synthesis of Single-Crystalline Fractal Zinc Structures through a Solution Phase Reaction and Their Conversion to Zinc OxideCho, Seungho; Kim, Semi; Kim, Hye-Jin; Lee, Bo Ram; Lee, Kun-HongARTICLE348
2011-02Selective Synthesis of SiC and SiOx Nanowires by Direct Microwave IrradiationOh, Eugene; Jung, Seung-Ho; Lee, Jaegeun; Cho, Seungho; Kim, Hye-Jin; Lee, Bo-Ram; Lee, Kun-Hong; Song, Kyong-Hwa; Choi, Chi-Hoon; Han, Do-SuckARTICLE253
2009-09Synthesis of density-controlled ZnO nanoneedle arrays on a flexible substrate by addition of Al salts and use of microwave irradiationCho, Seungho; Lee, Bo Ram; Kim, Hye-Jin; Park, Da-Hye; Lee, Kun-HongARTICLE260
2010-03The effects of vitamin C on ZnO crystal formationCho, Seungho; Jeong, Haeyoon; Park, Da-Hye; Jung, Seung-Ho; Kim, Hye-Jin; Lee, Kun-HongARTICLE266
2013-10The reason for an upper limit to the height of spinnable carbon nanotube forestsLee, Jaegeun; Oh, Eugene; Kim, Hye-Jin; Cho, Seungho; Kim, Teawon; Lee, Sunghyun; Park, Junbeom; Kim, Hee Jin; Lee, Kun-HongARTICLE384
2012-04Turning refuse plastic into multi-walled carbon nanotube forestOh, Eugene; Lee, Jaegeun; Jung, Seung-Ho; Cho, Seungho; Kim, Hye-Jin; Lee, Sung-Hyun; Lee, Kun-Hong; Song, Kyong-Hwa; Choi, Chi-Hoon; Han, Do SuckARTICLE336
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9