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1999-10A new chemoheterotrophic bacterium catalyzing water-gas shift reactionJung, Gyoo Yeol; Kim, Jung Rae; Jung, Hyun Ok; Park, Ji-Young; Park, SunghoonARTICLE164
2020-03Auxotrophic Selection Strategy for Improved Production of Coenzyme B-12 in Escherichia coliNoh, Myung Hyun; Lim, Hyun Gyu; Moon, Daeyeong; Park, Sunghoon; Jung, Gyoo YeolARTICLE30
2014-12Coenzyme B-12 can be produced by engineered Escherichia coli under both anaerobic and aerobic conditionsKo, Yeounjoo; Ashok, Somasundar; Ainala, Satish Kumar; Sankaranarayanan, Mugesh; Chun, Ah Yeong; Jung, Gyoo Yeol; Park, SunghoonARTICLE185
2011-09Current status of the metabolic engineering of microorganisms for biohydrogen productionOh, You-Kwan; Raj, Subramanian Mohan; Jung, Gyoo Yeol; Park, SunghoonARTICLE243
2018-05Directed evolution of the 3-hydroxypropionic acid production pathway by engineering aldehyde dehydrogenase using a synthetic selection deviceSeok, Joo Yeon; Yang, Jina; Choi, Sang Jin; Lim, Hyun Gyu; Choi, Un Jong; Kim, Kyung-Jin; Park, Sunghoon; Yoo, Tae Hyeon; Jung, Gyoo YeolARTICLE301
2017-12Engineering an aldehyde dehydrogenase toward its substrates, 3-hydroxypropanal and NAD(+), for enhancing the production of 3-hydroxypropionic acidPark, Ye Seop; Choi, Un Jong; Nguyen Hoai Nam; Choi, Sang Jin; Nasir, Abdul; Lee, Sun-Gu; Kim, Kyung Jin; Jung, Gyoo Yeol; Choi, Sangdun; Shim, Jeung Yeop; Park, Sunghoon; Yoo, Tae HyeonARTICLE572
2002-06Hydrogen production by a new chemoheterotrophic bacterium Citrobacter sp Y19Jung, Gyoo Yeol; Kim, Jung Rae; Park, Ji-Young; Park, SunghoonARTICLE177
2016-11Optimum Rebalancing of the 3-Hydroxypropionic Acid Production Pathway from Glycerol in Escherichia coliLim, Hyun Gyu; Noh, Myung Hyun; Jeong, Jun Hong; Park, Sunghoon; Jung, Gyoo YeolARTICLE507
2014-12Precise characterization method of antibody-conjugated magnetic nanoparticles for pathogen detection using stuffer-free multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplificationChung, Boram; Shin, Gi Won; Choi, Woong; Joo, Jinmyoung; Jeon, Sangmin; Jung, Gyoo YeolARTICLE205
2017-09Precise flux redistribution to glyoxylate cycle for 5-aminolevulinic acid production in Escherichia coliNoh, Myung Hyun; Lim, Hyun Gyu; Park, Sunghoon; Seo, Sang Woo; Jung, Gyoo YeolARTICLE341
2017-10Production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid by balancing the pathway enzymes using synthetic cassette architectureSankaranarayanan, Mugesh; Somasundar, Ashok; Seol, Eunhee; Chauhan, Ashish Singh; Kwon, Seongjin; Jung, Gyoo Yeol; Park, SunghoonARTICLE471
2017-04Structural insights into the production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid by aldehyde dehydrogenase from Azospirillum brasilenseSon, Hyeoncheol Francis; Park, Sunghoon; Yoo, Tae Hyeon; Jung, Gyoo Yeol; Kim, Kyung-JinARTICLE557
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12