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2018-01Acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of semi-aromatic polyamide NF membrane and its application to water softening and antibiotics enrichmentJun, Byung-Moon; Lee, Hyung Kae; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE943
2020-09Charge characteristics (surface charge vs. zeta potential) of membrane surfaces to assess the salt rejection behavior of nanofiltration membranesJun, Byung-Moon; Cho, Jaeweon; Jang, Am; Chon, Kangmin; Westerhoff, Paul; Yoon, Yeomin; Rho, HojungARTICLE136
2015-12Comparison of integrally asymmetric and thin film composite structures for a desirable fashion of forward osmosis membranesThi Phuong Nga Nguyen; Jun, Byung-Moon; Lee, Jong Hwa; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE811
2016-07Concentration polarization effect and preferable membrane configuration at pressure-retarded osmosis operationNguyen, Thi Phuong Nga; Jun, Byung-Moon; Park, Hyung Gyu; Han, Sang-Woo; Kim, Yu-Kyung; Lee, Hyung Kae; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE777
2019-04Degradation of full aromatic polyamide NF membrane by sulfuric acid and hydrogen halides: Change of the surface/permeability propertiesJun, Byung-Moon; Lee, Hyung Kae; Park, You-In; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE302
2018-06Effect of acidic aqueous solution on chemical and physical properties of polyamide NF membranesJun, Byung-Moon; Kim, Su Hwan; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE742
2012-10Effect of chlorination condition and permeability of chlorine species on the chlorination of a polyamide membraneGu, Joung-Eun; Jun, Byung-Moon; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE795
2016-10Investigation of Hydrate-induced Ice Desalination (HIID) and its application to a pretreatment of reverse osmosis (RO) processHan, Sang-woo; Kim, Woojeong; Lee, Yohan; Jun, Byung-Moon; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE794
2014-07-24Investigation on acetylated methyl cellulose (AMC) membrane for forward osmosis (FO)Kwon, Young-Nam; Jun, Byung-Moon; Yun, Eun-Tae; Han, Sang-Woo; Hong, SungpyoCONFERENCE41
2016-10Protection of polymeric membranes with antifouling surfacing via surface modificationsAyyavoo, Jayalakshmi; Nguyen, Thi Phuong Nga; Jun, Byung-Moon; Kim, In-Chul; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE757
2017-03Surface modification of TFC FO membrane using N-isopropylacrylamide (NIPAM) to enhance fouling resistance and cleaning efficiencyJun, Byung-Moon; Nguyen, Thi Phuong Nga; Kim, Yu-Kyung; Lee, Hyung Kae; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE632
2015-07The application of polyethyleneimine draw solution in a combined forward osmosis/nanofiltration systemJun, Byung-Moon; Nguyen, Thi Phuong Nga; Ahn, Soo-Hyun; Kim, In-Chul; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE920
2017-02The chlorination mechanism of integrally asymmetric cellulose triacetate (CTA)-based and thin film composite polyamide-based forward osmosis membraneNguyen, Thi Phuong Nga; Jun, Byung-Moon; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE773
2021-02Three-layered hollow fiber (HF) membrane and its modification to enhance wetting resistance for membrane distillation (MD)Lee, Hyung Kae; Jun, Byung-Moon; Ray, Saikat Sinha; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE41
2016-05-12막증류법에 소수성 향상을 위한 폴리머의 물리적, 화학적 개질Lee, Hyung Kae; Jun, Byung-Moon; Nguyen, Phuong Nga; Kim, Woo-Jung; Kwon, Young-NamCONFERENCE82
2014-04수처리장에서의 염소살균처리가 폴리아마이드 분리막에 미치는 영향Jun, Byung-Moon; Yun, Eun-Tae; Han, Sang-Woo; Nga, Nguyen Thi Phuong; Park, Hyung-Gyu; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE926
2016-05-13역삼투 해수담수 공정의 전처리로 이산화탄소 HIID(hydrate-Induced Ice Desalination)공정의 적용 가능성Han, Sang-Woo; Kim, Woojeong; Jun, Byung-Moon; Lee,hyung Kae; Kwon, Young-NamCONFERENCE46
2016-05-12정삼투 공정에서 N-isopropylacrylamide를 이용한 표면 개질 및 개질된 분리막의 특성 변화 고찰Jun, Byung-Moon; Nguyen, Thi Phuong Nga; Lee, Hyung Kae; Kim, Woo Jeong; Kwon, Young-NamCONFERENCE48
Showing results 1 to 19 of 19