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2016-07A Broad-Spectrum Infection Diagnostic that Detects Pathogen-Associated Molecular Patterns (PAMPs) in Whole BloodCartwright, Marc; Rottman, Martin; Shapiro, Nathan, I.; Seiler, Benjamin; Lombaro, Patrick; Gamini, Nazita; Tomolonis, Julie; Watters, Alexander L.; Waterhouse, Anna; Leslie, D; Bolgen, Dana; Graveline, Amanda; Kang, Joo H.; Didar, Tohid; Dimitrakakis, Nikolas; Cartwright, David; Super, Michael; Ingber, Donald E.ARTICLE573
2012-06A combined micromagnetic-microfluidic device for rapid capture and culture of rare circulating tumor cellsKang, Joo H.; Kause, Silva; Tobin, Heather; Mammoto, Akiko; Kanapathipillai, Mathumai; Ingber, Donald E.ARTICLE546
2017-07An Engineered Human Fc-Mannose-Binding-Lectin Captures Circulating Tumor CellsKang, Joo H.; Driscoll, Harry; Mammoto, Akiko; Watters, Alex L.; Melakeberhan, Bissrat; Diaz, Alexander; Super, Michael; Ingber, Donald E.ARTICLE375
2014-10An extracorporeal blood-cleansing device for sepsis therapyKang, Joo H.; Super, Michael; Yung, Chong Wing; Cooper, Ryan M.; Domansky, Karel; Graveline, Amanda R.; Mammoto, Tadanori; Berthet, Julia B.; Tobin, Heather; Cartwright, Mark J.; Watters, Alexander L.; Rottman, Martin; Waterhouse, Anna; Mammoto, Akiko; Gamini, Nazita; Rodas, Melissa J.; Kole, Anxhela; Jiang, Amanda; Valentin, Thomas M.; Diaz, Alexander; Takahashi, Kazue; Ingber, Donald E.ARTICLE361
2016-05Application of a Halbach magnetic array for long-range cell and particle separations in biological samplesKang, Joo H.; Driscoll, Harry; Super, Michael; Ingber, Donald E.ARTICLE483
2016-03Distinct Contributions of Astrocytes and Pericytes to Neuroinflammation Identified in a 3D Human Blood-Brain Barrier on a ChipHerland, Anna; van der Meer, Andries D.; FitzGerald, Edward A.; Park, Tae-Eun; Sleeboom, Jelle J. F.; Ingber, Donald E.ARTICLE261
2019-06Hypoxia-enhanced Blood-Brain Barrier Chip recapitulates human barrier function and shuttling of drugs and antibodiesPark, Tae-Eun; Mustafaoglu, Nur; Herland, Anna; Hasselkus, Ryan; Mannix, Robert; FitzGerald, Edward A.; Prantil-Baun, Rachelle; Watters, Alexander; Henry, Olivier; Benz, Maximilian; Sanchez, Henry; McCrea, Heather J.; Goumnerova, Liliana Christova; Song, Hannah W.; Palecek, Sean P.; Shusta, Eric; Ingber, Donald E.ARTICLE132
2015-10Improved treatment of systemic blood infections using antibiotics with extracorporeal opsonin hemoadsorptionDidar, Tohid F.; Cartwright, Mark I.; Rottman, Martin; Graveline, Amanda R.; Gamini, Nazita; Watters, Alexander L.; Leslie, Daniel C.; Mammoto, Tadanori; Rodas, Melissa J.; Kang, Joo Hun; Waterhouse, Anna; Seiler, Benjamin T.; Lombardo, Patrick; Qendro, Elisabet I.; Super, Michael; Ingber, Donald E.ARTICLE408
2012-05Inhibition of mammary tumor growth using lysyl oxidase-targeting nanoparticles to modify extracellular matrixKanapathipillai, Mathumai; Mammoto, Akiko; Mammoto, Tadanori; Kang, Joo H.; Jiang, Elisabeth; Ghosh, Kaustabh; Korin, Netanel; Gibbs, Ashley; Mannix, Robert; Ingber, Donald E.ARTICLE482
2015-11Optimization of Pathogen Capture in Flowing Fluids with Magnetic NanoparticlesKang, Joo H.; Um, Eujin; Diaz, Alexande; Driscoll, Harry; Rodas, Melissa J; Domansky, Karel; Watters, Alexander L.; Super, Michael; Stone, Howard A.; Ingber, Donald E.ARTICLE534
2014-08Stationary nanoliter droplet array with a substrate of choice for single adherent/nonadherent cell incubation and analysisShemesh, Jonathan; Ben Arye, Tom; Avesar, Jonathan; Kang, Joo H.; Fine, Amir; Super, Michael; Meller, Amit; Ingber, Donald E.; Levenberg, ShulamitARTICLE380
2019-12Tumor-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Breach the Intact Blood–Brain Barrier via TranscytosisMorad, Golnaz; Carman, Christopher V.; Hagedorn, Elliott J.; Perlin, Julie R.; Zon, Leonard I.; Mustafaoglu, Nur; Park, Tae-Eun; Ingber, Donald E.; Daisy, Cassandra C.; Moses, Marsha A.ARTICLE88
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12