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2009-02Acoustic emission study of domain wall motion and phase transition in (1-x-y)Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-xBaTiO(3)-yK(0.5)Na(0.5)NbO(3) lead-free piezoceramicsDul'kin, E.; Mojaev, E.; Roth, M.; Jo, Wook; Granzow, T.ARTICLE617
2014-07Anisotropy of ferroelectric behavior of (1-x)Bi1/2Na1/2TiO3-xBaTiO(3) single crystals across the morphotropic phase boundarySchneider, D.; Jo, Wook; Roedel, J.; Rytz, D.; Granzow, T.ARTICLE240
2009-01Auxetic behavior under electrical loads in an induced ferroelectric phaseTan, X.; Jo, Wook; Granzow, T.; Frederick, J.; Aulbach, E.; Rodel, J.ARTICLE671
2010-08Bipolar and unipolar fatigue of ferroelectric BNT-based lead-free piezoceramicsLuo, Z.; Glaum, J.; Granzow, T.; Jo, Wook; Dittmer, R.; Hoffman, M.; Rodel, J.ARTICLE614
2011-03Domain switching energies: Mechanical versus electrical loading in La-doped bismuth ferrite-lead titanateLeist, T.; Webber, K. G.; Jo, Wook; Granzow, T.; Aulbach, E.; Suffner, J.; Roedel, J.ARTICLE587
2009-08Effect of uniaxial stress on ferroelectric behavior of (Bi1/2Na1/2)TiO3-based lead-free piezoelectric ceramicsTan, X.; Aulbach, E.; Jo, Wook; Granzow, T.; Kling, J.; Marsilius, M.; Kleebe, H-J.; Roedel, J.ARTICLE670
2010-01Electric-field-induced antiferroelectric to ferroelectric phase transition in mechanically confined Pb0.99Nb0.02[(Zr0.57Sn0.43)(0.94)Ti-0.06](0.98)O-3Tan, X; Frederick, J.; Ma, C.; Aulbach, E.; Marsilius, M.; Hong, W.; Granzow, T.; Jo, Wook; Roedel, J.ARTICLE604
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7