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2011-12Acceleration of multi-dimensional propagator measurements with compressed sensingPaulsen, Jeffrey L.; Cho, Hyungjoon; Cho, Gyunggoo; Song, Yi-QiaoARTICLE849
2013-06Cerebral blood volume affects blood-brain barrier integrity in an acute transient stroke modelHuang, Shuning; Kim, Jeong Kon; Atochin, Dmitriy N.; Farrar, Christian T.; Huang, Paul L.; Suh, Ji Yeon; Kwon, Seon Joo; Shim, Woo Hyun; Cho, Hyungjoon; Cho, Gyunggoo; Kim, Young R.ARTICLE981
2014-11Dual MRI T1 and T2 (*) contrast with size-controlled iron oxide nanoparticlesJung, Hoesu; Park, Bumwoo; Lee, Changkyung; Cho, Junghun; Suh, Jiyeon; Park, Jangyeon; Kim, Youngro; Kim, Jeongkon; Cho, Gyunggoo; Cho, HyungjoonARTICLE1053
2013-07Implementation of P22 Viral Capsids As Intravascular Magnetic Resonance T-1 Contrast Conjugates via Site-Selective Attachment of Gd(III)-Chelating AgentsMin, Junseon; Jung, Hoesu; Shin, Hyun-Hee; Cho, Gyunggoo; Cho, HyungJoon; Kang, SebyungARTICLE988
2014-07Oxygen-induced frequency shifts in hyperoxia: A significant component of BOLD signalSong, Youngkyu; Cho, Gyunggoo; Chun, Song-I; Baek, Jin Hee; Cho, Hyungjoon; Kim, Young R.; Park, Sung Bin; Kim, Jeong KonARTICLE1022
2015-06Reduced microvascular volume and hemispherically deficient vasoreactivity to hypercapnia in acute ischemia: MRI study using permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion rat modelSuh, J. Y.; Shim, Woo H.; Cho, Gyunggoo; Fan, Xiang; Kwon, Seon J.; Kim, Jeong K.; Dai, George; Wang, Xiaoying; Kim, Young R.ARTICLE772
2014-03Response of the primary auditory and non-auditory cortices to acoustic stimulation: A manganese-enhanced MRI studyKim, Hyungjun; Cho, Junghun; Kim, Young R.; Song, Youngkyu; Chun, Song-I; Suh, Ji-Yeon; Kim, Jeong Kon; Ryu, Yeon-Hee; Choi, Sun-Mi; Cho, Hyungjoon; Cho, GyunggooARTICLE921
2015-06Simultaneous evaluation of vascular morphology, blood volume and transvascular permeability using SPION-based, dual-contrast MRI: Imaging optimization and feasibility testKwon, Heon-Ju; Shim, Woo Hyun; Cho, Gyunggoo; Cho, Hyungjoon; Jung, Hoe Su; Lee, Chang Kyung; Lee, Yong Seok; Baek, Jin Hee; Kim, Eun Ju; Suh, Ji-Yeon; Sung, Yu Sub; Woo, Dong-Cheol; Kim, Young Ro; Kim, Jeong KonARTICLE1092
2014-06Sunitinib-CLIO Conjugate: A VEGFR/PDGFR-Targeting Active MR ProbeNoh, Gwang Tae; Kim, Mi-Hyun; Suh, Ji-Yeon; Song, Youngkyu; Lee, Chang Kyung; Baek, Jin Hee; Lee, Yong Seok; Cho, Gyunggoo; Kim, Eunju; Kim, Young Ro; Cho, Hyungjoon; Lim, Dongyeol; Kim, Jeong KonARTICLE891
2012-07Temporal/spatial resolution improvement of in vivo DCE-MRI with compressed sensing-optimized FLASHHan, SoHyun; Paulsen, Jeffrey L.; Zhu, Gang; Song, Youngkyu; Chun, SongI; Cho, Gyunggoo; Ackerstaff, Ellen; Koutcher, Jason A.; Cho, HyungJoonARTICLE973
2018-11The robustness of T2 value as a trabecular structural index at multiple spatial resolutions of 7 Tesla MRILee, DongKyu; Song, Young Kyu; Park, Bumwoo; Cho, Hwapyeong; Yeom, Jinsup; Cho, Gyunggoo; Cho, HyungjoonARTICLE929
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