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2018-08-09A New Approach for ‘Local Climate Zones’ Classification Using Remote Sensing Images Combining Neighborhood and Sub-Pixel InformationYoo, Cheolhee; Im, Jungho; Bechte, Benjamin; Han, Daehyun; Cho, DongjinCONFERENCE347
2022-03A novel ensemble learning for post-processing of NWP Model's next-day maximum air temperature forecast in summer using deep learning and statistical approachesCho, Dongjin; Yoo, Cheolhee; Son, Bokyung; Im, Jungho; Yoon, Donghyuck; Cha, Dong-HyunARTICLE269
2022-04All-Sky 1 km MODIS Land Surface Temperature Reconstruction Considering Cloud Effects Based on Machine LearningCho, Dongjin; Bae, Dukwon; Yoo, Cheolhee; Im, Jungho; Lee, Yeonsu; Lee, SiwooARTICLE261
2021-12Comparative Assessment of Linear Regression and Machine Learning for Analyzing the Spatial Distribution of Ground-level NO2 Concentrations: A Case Study for Seoul, KoreaKang, Eunjin; Yoo, Cheolhee; Shin, Yeji; Cho, Dongjin; Im, JunghoARTICLE558
2020-04Comparative Assessment of Various Machine Learning-Based Bias Correction Methods for Numerical Weather Prediction Model Forecasts of Extreme Air Temperatures in Urban AreasCho, Dongjin; Yoo, Cheolhee; Im, Jungho; Cha, Dong-HyunARTICLE597
2019-07-31Deep learning-based monitoring and forecast of the intensity of tropical cyclonesIm, Jungho; Yoo, Cheolhee; Cho, Dongjin; Kim, Kyoungmin; Lee, Juhyun; Cha, Dong-Hyun; Au, Tsz-ChiuCONFERENCE450
2022-04Development of model output statistics based on the least absolute shrinkage and selection operator regression for forecasting next-day maximum temperature in South KoreaYoon, Donghyuck; Kim, Kyoungmin; Cha, Dong-Hyun; Lee, Myong-In; Im, Jungho; Cho, Dongjin; Min, Ki-HongARTICLE277
2022-06Downscaling MODIS nighttime land surface temperatures in urban areas using ASTER thermal data through local linear forestYoo, Cheolhee; Im, Jungho; Cho, Dongjin; Lee, Yeonsu; Bae, Dukwon; Sismanidis, PanagiotisARTICLE170
2020-05Estimation of All-Weather 1 km MODIS Land Surface Temperature for Humid Summer DaysYoo, Cheolhee; Im, Jungho; Cho, Dongjin; Yokoya, Naoto; Xia, Junshi; Bechtel, BenjaminARTICLE366
2018-12-11Estimation of Ground-level Nitrogen Dioxide and Ozone Concentrations Using Satellite Data and Numerical Model OutputShin, Minso; Im, Jungho; Yoo, Cheolhee; Cho, Dongjin; Park, SeohuiCONFERENCE276
2018-11-07Estimation of ground-level nitrogen dioxide and ozone concentrations using satellite data and numerical model outputShin, Minso; Im, Jungho; Yoo, Cheolhee; Cho, Dongjin; Jang, Eunna; Kim, Youngjoon; Sim, SeongmoonCONFERENCE289
2022-10Generation of Daily High-resolution Sea Surface Temperature for the Seas around the Korean Peninsula Using Multi-satellite Data and Artificial IntelligenceJung, Sihun; Choo, Minki; Im, Jungho; Cho, DongjinARTICLE146
2022-01Improved retrievals of aerosol optical depth and fine mode fraction from GOCI geostationary satellite data using machine learning over East AsiaKang, Yoojin; Kim, Miae; Kang, Eunjin; Cho, Dongjin; Im, JunghoARTICLE229
2020-07Improvement of spatial interpolation accuracy of daily maximum air temperature in urban areas using a stacking ensemble techniqueCho, Dongjin; Yoo, Cheolhee; Im, Jungho; Lee, Yeonsu; Lee, JaeseARTICLE387
2018-05-11Improving forecasting performance of urban air temperature using in-situ and satellite observations and numerical weather prediction model outputCho, Dongjin; Yoo, Cheolhee; Im, JunghoCONFERENCE227
2020-11Improving Local Climate Zone Classification Using Incomplete Building Data and Sentinel 2 Images Based on Convolutional Neural NetworksYoo, Cheolhee; Lee, Yeonsu; Cho, Dongjin; Im, Jungho; Han, DaehyeonARTICLE296
2020-10Multi-task learning based tropical cyclone intensity monitoring and forecasting through fusion of geostationary satellite data and numerical forecasting model outputLee, Juhyun; Yoo, Cheolhee; Im, Jungho; Shin, Yeji; Cho, DongjinARTICLE413
2021-10Sensitivity analysis for CAS500-4 atmospheric correction using simulated images and suggestion of the use of geostationary satellite-based atmospheric parametersKang, Yoojin; Cho, Dongjin; Han, Daehyeon; Im, Jungho; Lim, Joongbi; Oh, Kum-hui; Kwon, EonhyeARTICLE236
2023-02Short-term forecasting of summer air temperatures using machine learning in South KoreaIm, Jungho; Cho, DongjinDoctoral thesis78
2020-08Spatial Downscaling of MODIS Land Surface Temperature: Recent Research Trends, Challenges, and Future DirectionsYoo, Cheolhee; Im, Jungho; Park, Sumin; Cho, DongjinARTICLE279
Showing results 1 to 20 of 20