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Cho, DPark, SoojinChang, TAvgeropoulos, AHadjichristidis, N

Article Issue Date2003-11 View1

Park, SoojinCho, DRyu, JKwon, KLee, WChang, T

Article Issue Date2002-07 View0

Im, KPark, SoojinCho, DChang, TLee, KChoi, N

Article Issue Date2004-05 View1

Park, SoojinKwon, KCho, DLee, BRee, MChang, T

Article Issue Date2003-06 View0

Cho, DHong, JPark, SoojinChang, T

Article Issue Date2003-02 View0

Cho, DPark, SoojinHong, JChang, T

Article Issue Date2003-02 View0

Cho, DPark, SoojinChang, TUte, KFukuda, IKitayama, T

Article Issue Date2002-04 View0

Park, SoojinCho, DRyu, JKwon, KChang, TPark, J

Article Issue Date2002-06 View0

Park, SoojinCho, DIm, KChang, TUhrig, DMays, JW

Article Issue Date2003-07 View1