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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeView
2019- 8A Full RNS Variant of Approximate Homomorphic EncryptionCheon, Jung Hee; Han,Kyoohyung; Kim, Andrey; Kim, Miran; Song, YongsooCONFERENCE182
2013-05-28Batch Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the IntegersCheon, Jung Hee; Coron, Jean-Sebastien; Kim, Jinsu; Lee, Moon Sung; Lepoint, Tancrede; Tibouchi, Mehdi; Yun, AaramCONFERENCE63
2018-04-29Bootstrapping for approximate homomorphic encryptionCheon, Jung Hee; Han, Kyoohyung; Kim, Andrey; Kim, Miran; Song, YongsooCONFERENCE99
2015-07CRT-based fully homomorphic encryption over the integersCheon, Jung Hee; Kim, Jinsu; Lee, Moon Sung; Yun, AaramARTICLE1223
2016-09-08Encrypting Controller using Fully Homomorphic Encryption for Security of Cyber-Physical SystemsKim, Junsoo; Lee, Chanhwa; Shim, Hyungbo; Cheon, Jung Hee; Kim, Andrey; Kim, Miran; Song, YongsooCONFERENCE57
2015-01-15Homomorphic computation of edit distanceCheon, Jung Hee; Kim, Miran; Lauter, KristinCONFERENCE64
2020-12-16Homomorphic Computation of Local AlignmentBataa, Magsarjav; Song, Siwoo; Park, Kunsoo; Kim, Miran; Cheon, Jung Hee; Kim, SunCONFERENCE22
2017-12Homomorphic encryption for arithmetic of approximate numbersCheon, Jung Hee; Kim, Andrey; Kim, Miran; Song, Kim YongsooCONFERENCE66
2018-10Logistic regression model training based on the approximate homomorphic encryptionKim, Andrey; Song, Yongsoo; Kim, Miran; Lee, Keewoo; Cheon, Jung HeeARTICLE96
2010-09On Homomorphic Signatures for Network CodingYun, Aaram; Cheon, Jung Hee; Kim, YongdaeARTICLE801
2016-01Optimized Search-and-Compute Circuits and Their Application to Query Evaluation on Encrypted DataCheon, Jung Hee; Kim, Miran; Kim, MyungsunARTICLE64
2015-01-30Search-and-compute on encrypted dataCheon, Jung Hee; Kim, Miran; Kim, MyungsunCONFERENCE58
2017Secure searching of biomarkers through hybrid homomorphic encryption schemeKim, Miran; Song, Yongsoo; Cheon, Jung HeeARTICLE60
Showing results 1 to 13 of 13