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2012-05A decentralized spectrum allocation and partitioning scheme for a two-tier macro-femtocell network with downlink beamformingRyoo, Sunheui; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE735
2006-03A hybrid active queue management for stability and fast adaptationJoo, Changhee; Bahk, Saewoong; Lumetta, Steven S.ARTICLE700
2016-06-27A Reliable and Scalable Broadcast Protocol for Wireless Multi-Hop Networks Using Subcarrier-Level Tone-SignalsKang, Daeho; Jeong, Seungbeom; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongCONFERENCE111
2007-02Active queue management algorithm considering queue and load statesHong, Jaesung; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE720
2014-05Address-free contention in wireless access networks with common control channel for throughput improvementKang, Daeho; Park, Sangkyu; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE837
2001-07Analysis of start-up transition dynamics of TCP NewRenoJoo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE628
2011-06Energy-efficient opportunistic scheduling schemes in wireless networksYoon, Sung-Guk; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE754
2008-07Hierarchical Markov chain analysis of an adaptive bandwidth reservation algorithm in wireless communication systemsLee, Donghwan; Choi, Jin-Ghoo; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE700
2015-06Joint Subcarrier Assignment and Power Allocation in Full-Duplex OFDMA NetworksNam, Changwon; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE922
2013-10Location-based spectrum allocation and partitioning scheme for cross-tier interference mitigation in macro-femtocell networksRyoo, Sunheui; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE790
2015-11-12Minimizing Application-Level Delay of Multi-Path TCP in Wireless networks: A Receiver-Centric ApproachPark, Se-Yong; Joo, Changhee; Park, Yongseok; Bahk, SaewoongCONFERENCE115
2018-02ORGMA: Reliable opportunistic routing with gradient forwarding for MANETsKang, Daeho; Kim, Hyung-Sin; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE1010
2015-06-11Radio Resource Allocation with Inter-node Interference in Full-Duplex OFDMA NetworksNam, Changwon; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongCONFERENCE111
2016-08Receiver-Side TCP Countermeasure to Bufferbloat in Wireless Access NetworksIm, Heesu; Joo, Changhee; Lee, Taeseop; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE759
2016-12Resource Allocation in Full-Duplex OFDMA Networks: Approaches for Full and Limited CSIsNam, Changwon; Joo, Changhee; Yoon, Sung-Guk; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE552
2018-10Resource Sharing in Dual-Stack Devices: Opportunistic Bluetooth Transmissions in WLAN Busy PeriodsHan, Jonghun; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE686
2019-09-22SplitScan: Sharing wi-fi scan information through bluetooth low energyHan, Jonghun; Kim, Joonsuk; Joo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongCONFERENCE115
1999-10Start-up transition behaviour of TCP NewRenoJoo, Changhee; Bahk, SaewoongARTICLE662
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18