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2001-05Femtosecond and picosecond nondegenerate four-wave mixing in GaAs/AlGaAs multiple quantum wells by two independently tunable lasersYahng, JS; Ahn, YH; Sohn, JY; Kim, DSARTICLE81
1998-05Femtosecond four-wave mixing experiments on GaAs quantum wells using two independently tunable lasersKim, DS; Sohn, JY; Yahng, JS; Ahn, YH; Yee, KJ; Yee, DS; Jho, YD; Hohng, SC; Kim, DH; Kim, WS; Woo, JC; Meier, T; Koch, SW; Woo, DH; Kim, EK; Kim, SHARTICLE77
1999-05From exciton resonance to frequency mixing in GaAs multiple quantum wellsAhn, YH; Yahng, JS; Sohn, JY; Yee, KJ; Hohng, SC; Woo, JC; Kim, DS; Meier, T; Koch, SW; Lim, YS; Kim, EKARTICLE67
2006-01Impedance matching plasmonic metamaterials to vacuumLee, JW; Seo, MA; Sohn, JY; Park, DJ; Ahn, YH; Kim, DS; Jeoung, SC; Park, QHARTICLE49
2005-12Invisible plasmonic meta-materials through impedance matching to vacuumLee, JW; Seo, MA; Sohn, JY; Ahn, YH; Kim, DS; Jeoung, SC; Lienau, C; Park, QHARTICLE62
2003-10Microscopic origin of surface-plasmon radiation in plasmonic band-gap nanostructuresKim, DS; Hohng, SC; Malyarchuk, V; Yoon, YC; Ahn, YH; Yee, KJ; Park, JW; Kim, J; Park, QH; Lienau, CARTICLE46
2000-09Molecular lens of the nonresonant dipole forceZhao, Bum Suk; Chung, HS; Cho, K; Lee, SH; Hwang, S; Yu, J; Ahn, YH; Sohn, JY; Kim, Dai-Sik; Kang, WK; Chung, DSARTICLE803
2005-12Optical studies of carrier and phonon dynamics in Ga1-xMnxAsYee, KJ; Lee, D; Liu, X; Lim, WL; Dobrowolska, M; Furdyna, JK; Lim, YS; Lee, KG; Ahn, YH; Kim, DSARTICLE48
2002-12Quantum interference of virtual and real amplitudes in a semiconductor exciton systemAhn, YH; Choe, SB; Woo, JC; Kim, DS; Cundiff, ST; Shacklette, JM; Lim, YSARTICLE54
1999-07Temperature dependence of the electroluminescence and the photoluminescence of a silyl-disubstituted poly(p-phenylenevinylene) derivativeLee, C; Park, JY; Park, YW; Ahn, YH; Kim, DS; Hwang, DH; Zyung, THARTICLE69
2002-07Tunable terahertz generation using femtosecond pulse shapingSohn, JY; Ahn, YH; Park, DJ; Oh, E; Kim, DSARTICLE68
1999-09Two-color femtosecond experiments by use of two independently tunable Ti : sapphire lasers with a sample-and-hold switchSohn, JY; Ahn, YH; Yee, KJ; Kim, DSARTICLE67
1999-09Two-color picosecond and continuous-wave experiments on anti-Stokes and Stokes carrier-transfer phenomena in GaAslAl(x)Ga(1-x)As and InGaP2/AlxGa1-xAs heterostructuresHohng, SC; Khang, DW; Ahn, YH; Lee, Ja Yil; Kihm, SY; Kim, DH; Kim, WS; Woo, JC; Kim, Dai-Sik; Citrin, DS; Woo, DH; Kim, EK; Kim, SH; Lim, KSARTICLE816
1999-05Ultrafast photoluminescence of a highly luminescent PPV derivativeAhn, YH; Kim, DS; Park, JY; Park, YW; Lee, CH; Hwang, DH; Zyung, TARTICLE93
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14