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Park, JonghwaKim, MarieLee, YoungohLee, Heon SangKo, Hyunhyub

Article Issue Date2015-10 View4

Kim, Minsoo P.Ahn, Chang WonLee, YoungsuKim, KyounghoPark, JonghwaKo, Hyunhyub

Article Issue Date2021-04 View4

Park, JonghwaLee, YoungohHa, MijeongCho, SeungseKo, Hyunhyub

Article Issue Date2016-05 View5

Lee, YoungohPark, JonghwaChoe, AyoungCho, SeungseKim, Jin YoungKo, Hyunhyub

Article Issue Date2020-05 View3

Park, Jonghwa

Thesis Issue Date2019-02 View6

Lee, YoungohLee, JiwonLee, Tae KyungPark, JonghwaHa, MinjungKwak, Sang KyuKo, Hyunhyub

Article Issue Date2015-12 View5

Jung, YoungdoLee, Duck-GyuPark, JonghwaKo, HyunhyubLim, Hyuneui

Article Issue Date2015-10 View32

Choi, HanbyulPark, JonghwaJung, Yoonhyuk

Article Issue Date2018-04 View7

Park, JonghwaJung, YoonhyukCho, Wooje

Article Issue Date2018-02 View4

Park, JonghwaLee, YoungsuLee, HochanKo, Hyunhyub

Article Issue Date2020-01 View4

Ha, MinjeongPark, JonghwaLee, YoungohKo, Hyunhyub

Article Issue Date2015-04 View3

Kim, Do HyeongLee, Ju RanCha, AmingPark, JonghwaKo, HyunhyubJin, JunghoKang, Seok Ju

Conference Paper Issue Date2016-10-06 View3

Choi, HanbyulPark, JonghwaChoi, Young RokJung, Yoonhyuk

Article Issue Date2023-08 View8

Park, JonghwaChoi, HanbyulJung, Yoonhyuk

Article Issue Date2021 View4

Jung, YoonhyukPark, JonghwaYoon, JoonhoGong, MinjeongJung, Sangwon

Conference Paper Issue Date2015-11-21 View1