UNIST Global HST Program, a cutting-edge initiative designed for aspiring physician-scientists, focusing on the convergence of disciplines to cultivate a new breed of medical researchers. Tailored for outstanding individuals in the STEM fields, this program delivers intensive interdisciplinary medical education aimed at nurturing physicians with a deep understanding of research. The program’s unique approach involves seamless collaboration between the UNIST, medical schools, and hospitals to foster the development of innovative and cyclical physician-scientists. Through dynamic partnerships with innovation hubs and medical institutions, the program aims to create a synergy that propels groundbreaking advancements in bio-medical technologies.
We also kicked off International collaborations such as the UNIST X UCLA Digital Healthcare Challenge and the establishment of the UNIST-UIUC Smart Healthcare Twin Center. Notably, collaborative endeavors with Asan Medical Center involve 39 students from the University of Ulsan College of Medicine (UUCM), providing them with an immersive experience in the newly developed curriculum crafted by UNIST and UUCM faculty. Anticipating further cooperation among affiliated institutions, we are excited about the program’s growth and the prospect of continued success with incoming students.
At UNIST HST, our globally acclaimed faculty, exceptional students, and dedicated staff collaboratively cultivate an ecosystem dedicated to realizing our vision: advancing human healthcare through innovative and interdisciplinary research and education. Uniquely, we provide both undergraduate and graduate programs entirely in English, complemented by state-of-the-art facilities, abundant resources, and diverse global exchange initiatives, empowering our students to shape their futures as the next generation of global leaders.

Website: https://hst.unist.ac.kr/