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Yoo, Chun Sang
Combustion and Propulsion Lab.
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Oscillating flame in laminar helium-diluted coflow jets

Alternative Title
헬륨이 희석된 층류 동축류 제트에서의 진동화염
Oh, SuhyeonVan, Kyu HoJung, Ki SungYoo, Chun SangKwon, Oh BoongCha, Min SukChung, Suk HoPark, Jeong
Issued Date
59회 한국연소학회 추계학술대회
The unreported oscillation flame was discovered in helium-diluted coflow jet. It had a premixed-like structure when propagating toward upstream, and then again came back to be tribrachial flame in downstream. By the previous work [9], it was identified that
it is under the augmented negative buoyancy, (ρf - ρco) by heavier fuel density than ambient coflow. But it was unable to be explained by buoyancy in that the generally known oscillating flame with a tribrachial structure also is influenced by the negative
buoyancy. Thus, we focused on the characteristics of propagation as well as buoyancy to investigate the mechanism of the unreported oscillation flame.


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