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Choi, Kyoung Jin
Energy Conversion Materials (EcoMAT) Lab
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  • Solar cells, thermoelectrics, piezoelectric


Au/Ge/Ni/Au and Pd/Ge/Ti/Au Ohmic contacts to AlxGa1-xAs/InGaAs (x=0.75) pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor

DC Field Value Language Choi, Kyoung Jin - Han, SY - Lee, JL - Moon, JK - Park, M - Kim, H - 2014-10-24T00:10:57Z - 2014-10-24T00:10:57Z - 2014-10-22 - 2003-08 -
dc.identifier.citation JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, v.43, no.2, pp.253 - 258 -
dc.identifier.issn 0374-4884 -
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dc.description.abstract The optimal Ohmic contact to an AlxGa1-xAs/lnGaAs pseudomorphic high-electron-mobility-transistor (PHEMT) structure with a high A1 mote fraction (x = 0.75) was developed from comparative studies of Au/Ge/Ni/Au and Pd/Ge/Ti/Au contacts for various etching depths of the cap layer and annealing temperatures. A minimum Ohmic contact resistivity (rho(c)) of 2.0 x 10(-6) Ohm-cm(2) was obtained by annealing (T = 450 degreesC) Au/Ge/Ni/Au metals deposited on undoped PHEMT substrate. The rho(c) of Au/Ge/Ni/Au increased with the etching depth, but that of Pd/Ge/Ti/Au showed the opposite trend. This was due to deeper penetration of the Au/Ge/Ni/Au contact compared with the Pd/Ge/Ti/Au contact. The penetrating Art reacted with the PHEMT substrate to form Au2Al and Au2Ga, which generated group-III vacancies acting as donors. The device fabricated using the optimal Ohmic contact showed a low knee voltage and a negligible gate leakage current at high gate bias, which are due to the good Ohmic contact and the large conduction band offset between AlGaAs and InGaAs. -
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dc.subject High Al mole fraction -
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dc.subject PHEMT -
dc.title Au/Ge/Ni/Au and Pd/Ge/Ti/Au Ohmic contacts to AlxGa1-xAs/InGaAs (x=0.75) pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor -
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