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Distributed video coding with background modeling for wireless capsule endoscopy applications

Li, ShuaiKim, JooheeChoi, KenLee, Yun-Sik
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12th International SoC Design Conference, ISOCC 2015, pp.163 - 165
Video codec technique takes a very important part in multimedia communication. New applications require constrained resources in terms of power, computational complexity, memory and robustness. Distributed video coding (DVC) provides a solution to achieve such constraints. However, DVC has a low coding efficiency, the overall performance is lower than H.264/AVC [1] codec. In low-motion scenes such as video conference or video surveillance, we can reduce the storage and transmission cost by using the long term background characteristics. In this paper, we propose a new DVC based on the background modeling of the scenes. We further analyze and design the corresponding optimized structure. We test different low motion video surveillance sequences, the proposed block-based coding paradigm has a better performance compared with current DVC system. Experimental results show that the proposed background modeling method and coding scheme can save more than 5.6% bitrate and increase 1.22 dB PSNR in average vs. Low-complexity DVC (LC-DVC) [2]. Our proposed codec architecture can support real time processing @15fps.
12th International SoC Design Conference, ISOCC 2015


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