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Lee, Hyun-Kyung
Division of General Studies
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  • DBL(Design-Based Learning)
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경영학 전공자를 위한 창의/디자인교육에 대한 만족도 분석

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경영학 전공자를 위한 창의/디자인교육에 대한 만족도 분석
Other Titles
Survey Consequence of the Students Satisfaction for Integrated Design Education in Business Department
Lee, Hyun-KyungLee Sang-Won
Issue Date
한국디자인포럼, v.43, no.3, pp.141 - 150
The aim of this article is to examine the diverse means of integrated design education to enhance creativity of undergraduate students through design management courses in a business major department. In this creativity- focused society where novelty and creativity generate value of learning and competitiveness, the authors argue that students today learn more effectively in pedagogical practices that emphasize holistic thinking, active learning through design-based integrated education. For the methodology, authors conducted mixed of quantative and qualitative research using a survey, in-depth interview and observation for generating results of student feedback and response after the semester ends. Our belief is that the methods explored in this article represent the seeds of a new model of education based on creative and applied learning. It is important for developing creativity based on hands-on experience, participation-centered and indirect industry experience rather than the established education that tend to transfer knowledge passively through design-based integrated education program even in the business major department. This article presents an design-based integrated education model with five manners: team activity focused social creativity, presentation from self-chosen topic in certain boundary, hands-on design auction experience with paddles, art and design exhibitions tour, special lecture from design professionals in field to absorb some aspect of market trends.
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