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Kim, Byungmin
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Research Group
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  • Seismic Site Response Analysis, Seismic Hazard Analysis, Slope Stability Analysis, Geospatial Analysis, Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis

Seismic fragility assessments of fill slopes in South Korea using finite element simulations

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Seismic fragility assessments of fill slopes in South Korea using finite element simulations
Tran, Dung T. P.Cho, YoungkyuSeo, HwanwooKim, Byungmin
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GEOMECHANICS AND ENGINEERING, v.34, no.4, pp.341 - 380
This study evaluates the seismic fragilities in fill slopes in South Korea through parametric finite element analyses that have been barely investigated thus far. We consider three slope geometries for a slope of height 10 m and three slope angles, and two soil types, namely frictional and frictionless, associated with two soil states, loose and dense for frictional soils and soft and stiff for frictionless soils. The input ground motions accounting for four site conditions in South Korea are obtained from one-dimensional site response analyses. By comparing the numerical modeling of slopes using PLAXIS2D against the previous studies, we compiled suites of the maximum permanent slope displacement (������������������������) against two ground motion parameters, namely, peak ground acceleration (PGA) and Arias Intensity (IA). A probabilistic seismic demand model is adopted to compute the probabilities of exceeding three limit states (minor, moderate, and extensive). We propose multiple seismic fragility curves as functions of a single ground motion parameter and numerous seismic fragility surfaces as functions of two ground motion parameters. The results show that soil type, slope angle, and input ground motion influence these probabilities, and are expected to help regional authorities and engineers assess the seismic fragility of fill slopes in the road systems in South Korea.
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