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Kim, Youngsik
YK Research
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Gradient Lithium Metal Infusion in Ag-Decorated Carbon Fibers for High-Capacity Lithium Metal Battery Anodes

Baek, KyungeunLee, Wang-GeunIm, EunmiHa, Jee HoAhn, SeokhoonKim, YoungsikChoi, YeonsikKang, Seok Ju
Issued Date
NANO LETTERS, v.23, no.18, pp.8515 - 8523
Lithium (Li) metal is a promising anode material for high-energy-density Li batteries due to its high specific capacity. However, the uneven deposition of Li metal causes significant volume expansion and safety concerns. Here, we investigate the impact of a gradient-infused Li-metal anode using silver (Ag)-decorated carbonized cellulose fibers (Ag@CC) as a three-dimensional (3D) current collector. The loading level of the gradient-infused Li-metal anode is controlled by the thermal infusion time of molten Li. In particular, a 5 s infusion time in the Ag@CC current collector creates an appropriate space with a lithiophilic surface, resulting in improved cycling stability and a reduced volume expansion rate. Moreover, integrating a 5 s Ag@CC anode with a high-capacity cathode demonstrates superior electrochemical performance with minimal volume expansion. This suggests that a gradient-infused Li-metal anode using Ag@CC as a 3D current collector represents a novel design strategy for Li-metal-based high-capacity Li-ion batteries.
American Chemical Society
Keyword (Author)
cycling stabilitygradient-infused anodehigh-capacity lithium-ion batterieslithium metalvolume expansion


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