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Lee, Jae Hwa
Flow Physics and Control Lab.
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튜브 직경에 따른 과냉각 유동 내 단일 기포 응축의 영향

Alternative Title
Effect of a Tube Diameter on Single Bubble Condensation in Subcooled Flow
이선엽Ha, Cong-Tu이재화
Issued Date
한국가시화정보학회지, v.21, no.1, pp.47 - 56
Bubble condensation, which involves the interaction of bubbles within the subcooled liquid flow, plays an important role in the effective control of thermal devices. In this study, numerical simulations are performed using a VOF (Volume of Fluid) model to investigate the effect of tube diameter on bubble condensation. As the tube diameter decreases, condensation bubbles persist for a long time and disappear at a higher position. It is observed that for small tube diameters, the heat transfer coefficients of condensation bubbles, which is a quantitative parameter of condensation rate, are smaller than those for large tube diameters. When the tube diameter is small, the subcooled liquid around the condensing bubble is locally participated in the condensation of the bubble to fill the reduced volume of the bubble due to the generation of a backflow in the narrow space between the bubble and the wall, so that the heat transfer coefficient decreases.
Keyword (Author)
Two Phase Flow기포 응축튜브 직경이상 유동Bubble CondensationTube Diameter


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