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Ryu, Dongsu
Astrophysics Lab
Research Interests
  • Shock waves and turbulence in clusters of galaxies
  • Origin and evolution of magnetic fields and cosmic rays in the universe
  • Plasma astrophysical phenomena in the large-scale structure of the universe


The energy spectrum of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays measured by the Telescope Array FADC fluorescence detectors in monocular mode

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The energy spectrum of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays measured by the Telescope Array FADC fluorescence detectors in monocular mode
Abu-Zayyad, T.Aida, R.Allen, M.Anderson, R.Azuma, R.Barcikowski, E.Belz, J. W.Bergman, D. R.Blake, S. A.Cady, R.Cheon, B. G.Chiba, J.Chikawa, M.Cho, E. J.Cho, W. R.Fujii, H.Fujii, T.Fukuda, T.Fukushima, M.Hanlon, W.Hayashi, K.Hayashi, Y.Hayashida, N.Hibino, K.Hiyama, K.Honda, K.Iguchi, T.Ikeda, D.Ikuta, K.Inoue, N.Ishii, T.Ishimori, R.Ito, H.Ivanov, D.Iwamoto, S.Jui, C. C. H.Kadota, K.Kakimoto, F.Kalashev, O.Kanbe, T.Kasahara, K.Kawai, H.Kawakami, S.Kawana, S.Kido, E.Kim, H. B.Kim, H. K.Kim, J. H.Kim, J. H.Kitamoto, K.Kitamura, S.Kitamura, Y.Kobayashi, K.Kobayashi, Y.Kondo, Y.Kuramoto, K.Kuzmin, V.Kwon, Y. J.Lan, J.Lim, S. I.Lundquist, J. P.Machida, S.Martens, K.Matsuda, T.Matsuura, T.Matsuyama, T.Matthews, J. N.Myers, I.Minamino, M.Miyata, K.Murano, Y.Nagataki, S.Nakamura, T.Nam, S. W.Nonaka, T.Ogio, S.Ogura, J.Ohnishi, M.Ohoka, H.Oki, K.Oku, D.Okuda, T.Ono, M.Oshima, A.Ozawa, S.Park, I. H.Pshirkov, M. S.Rodriguez, D. C.Roh, S. Y.Rubtsov, G.Ryu, DongsuSagawa, H.Sakurai, N.Sampson, A. L.Scott, L. M.Shah, P. D.Shibata, F.Shibata, T.Shimodaira, H.Shin, B. K.Shin, J. I.Shirahama, T.Smith, J. D.Sokolsky, P.Sonley, T. J.Springer, R. W.Stokes, B. T.Stratton, S. R.Stroman, T. A.Suzuki, S.Takahashi, Y.Takeda, M.Taketa, A.Takitaj, M.Tameda, Y.Tanaka, H.Tanaka, K.Tanaka, M.Thomas, S. B.Thomson, G. B.Tinyakov, P.Tkachev, I.Tokuno, H.Tomida, T.Troitsky, S.Tsunesada, Y.Tsutsumi, K.Tsuyuguchi, Y.Uchihori, Y.Udo, S.Ukai, H.Vasiloff, G.Wada, Y.Wong, T.Yamakawa, Y.Yamane, R.Yamaoka, H.Yamazaki, K.Yang, J.Yoneda, Y.Yoshida, S.Yoshii, H.Zollinger, R.Zundel, Z.
Energy spectrum; Fluorescence; Monocular; UHECR
Issue Date
ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS, v.48, no., pp.16 - 24
We present a measurement of the energy spectrum of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays performed by the Telescope Array experiment using monocular observations from its two new FADC-based fluorescence detectors. After a short description of the experiment, we describe the data analysis and event reconstruction procedures. Since the aperture of the experiment must be calculated by Monte Carlo simulation, we describe this calculation and the comparisons of simulated and real data used to verify the validity of the aperture calculation. Finally, we present the energy spectrum calculated from the merged monocular data sets of the two FADC-based detectors, and also the combination of this merged spectrum with an independent, previously published monocular spectrum measurement performed by Telescope Array's third fluorescence detector [T. Abu-Zayyad et al., The energy spectrum of Telescope Array's middle drum detector and the direct comparison to the high resolution fly's eye experiment, Astroparticle Physics 39 (2012) 109-119,, Available from: ]. This combined spectrum corroborates the recently published Telescope Array surface detector spectrum [T. Abu-Zayyad, et al., The cosmic-ray energy spectrum observed with the surface detector of the Telescope Array experiment, ApJ 768 (2013) L1,, Available from: ] with independent systematic uncertainties.
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