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Byun, Gangil
Antenna Technology Lab.
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A Cross-Correlation-Based Approach to Pattern Distortion and Mutual Coupling for Shared-Aperture Antennas

Heo, Jin MyeongYoon, JongwonKim, HyunKim, YoungwanByun, Gangil
Issued Date
APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, v.11, no.20, pp.9652
Featured Application Although the proposed method is originally used for shared-aperture antennas that are composed of multiple antennas operating in different frequency bands for various applications, such as radar, electronic warfare, and communications, we think that the proposed approach can also be extended to any application where both mutual coupling and platform effects seriously affect antenna characteristics. This paper proposes a pattern distortion coefficient as a new figure of merit to quantitatively evaluate both mutual coupling and pattern distortions in multi-antenna systems. The proposed coefficient is defined as a cross correlation between unaffected and affected far-field patterns of antennas under test, and the input patterns are weighted using a Gaussian function to consider the target operation angle. The feasibility of the proposed approach is validated using a two-antenna system composed of an inverted-F antenna and a microstrip patch antenna, and the amount of mutual coupling is adjusted by changing the distance between the two antennas. The evaluation is further extended to a single-antenna system with a conducting wall that produces strong platform effects with serious pattern distortions. The results demonstrate that the proposed figure of merit provides quantitative insight into the amplitude and phase distortions of far-field patterns that can be caused by both mutual coupling and platform effects.
Keyword (Author)
shared-aperture antennamutual couplingplatform effectantenna figure of merit


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