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Kwak, Ja Hun
Molecular Catalysis Lab.
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Interfacial effect of Pd supported on mesoporous oxide for catalytic furfural hydrogenation

Lee, HojeongNguyen-Huy, ChinhJang, Eun JeongLee, JihyeonYang, EuiseobLee, Man SigKwak, Ja HunAn, Kwangjin
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CATALYSIS TODAY, v.365, pp.291 - 300
Highly dispersed Pd is loaded onto different types of mesoporous oxide supports to investigate the synergetic metal-support effect in catalytic furfural (FAL) hydrogenation. Ordered mesoporous Co3O4, MnO2, NiO, CeO2, and Fe2O3 are prepared by the nanocasting and the supported Pd on mesoporous oxide catalysts are obtained by the chemical reduction method. It is revealed that mesoporous oxides play an important role on Pd dispersion as well as the redox behavior of Pd, which determines the final FAL conversion. Among the catalysts used, Pd/ Co3O4 shows the highest conversion in FAL hydrogenation and distinct product selectivity toward 2-methylfuran (MF). While FAL is converted via two distinct pathways to produce either furfuryl alcohol (FA) via aldehyde hydrogenation or MF via hydrogenolysis, MF as a secondary product is derived from FA via the hydrogenolysis of C?O over the Pd/Co3O4 catalyst. It is revealed that FAL is hydrogenated to FA preferentially on the Pd surface; then the secondary hydrogenolysis to MF from FA is further promoted at the interface between Pd and Co3O4. We confirm that the reaction pathway over Pd/Co3O4 is totally different from other catalysts such as Pd/MnO2, which produces FA dominantly. The characteristics of the mesoporous oxides influence the Pd-oxide interfaces, which determine the activity and selectivity in FAL hydrogenation.
Keyword (Author)
Pd nanoparticleMesoporous oxideoxide?metal interfaceFurfuralHydrogenation


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