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Kim, Hee Reyoung
RAdiation and MagnetohydroDynamics Advanced Lab.
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The Estimation Plan of Environmental Radiation from the TENORM of the Industry Concentrated Area

Kim, So JungYoo, Dong HanKim, Hee Reyoung
Issued Date
Korean Nuclear Society Autumn Meeting
Human being can be exposed continuously to low level radiation from raw materials in daily supplies including TENORM (Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials). Therefore, management of natural radioactive materials including NORM and TENORM is needed and actually Act on Safety Control of Radioactive Rays around Living Environment is in force since 2012. This study is plan for assessing radiation level in the industry concentrated area which is predicted to treat various natural radioactive source materials. Also, confirmation on the radiation safety is discussed by comparing the radiation of industrial area with that of other areas and analyzing it. Ulsan Metropolitan City where huge petrochemical complex and heavy industry areas which is predicted to use natural radioactive materials are placed is worth measuring radiation level for accessing radiation level in the industry concentrated area. By carrying out the plan, safety of radiation environment concerned industrial facilities will be confirmed and public reliability on the environmental radiation can be established. It is thought that the analysis technique on the environmental radiation and radioactivity will be accumulated and that the technical base of the radioactivity analysis about TENORM industry will be constructed
Korean Nuclear Society


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