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Kim, Hee Reyoung
Liquid Metal Magnetohydrodynamics Lab/ Environmental Radiation Safety Lab
Research Interests
  • Environmental radiation safety
  • Electromagnetic pump
  • NPP D&D technology


Modelling and analysis of extra vessel electro magnetic pump for a small modular lead-bismuth fast reactor

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Modelling and analysis of extra vessel electro magnetic pump for a small modular lead-bismuth fast reactor
Kwak, JaesikKim, Hee Reyoung
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Pergamon Press Ltd.
Annals of Nuclear Energy, pp.107979
The model of the EVEMP (Extra Vessel Electro Magnetic Pump) with a mass flow of 5000 kg/s and a developed pressure of 15000 Pa in the 350 °C operating temperature has many advantages as a coolant circulation pump for the Micro URANUS. Micro URANUS is an SMR with a rated output of 60 MWt which is abbreviated as ‘Micro Ubiquitous, Rugged, Accident-forgiving, Nonproliferating, and Ultra-lasting Sustainer’. Micro URANUS has a six-angle grid core as a pool type fast reactor using LBE, which is chemically stable as a coolant and can achieve a fast neutron spectrum. It is necessary to utilize natural circulation for the reactor to run without pumps even during normal operation, as well as accident situations. However, natural circulation was calculated to be only possible in the current design up to an output of 30 MWt as the size of the power source is very small compared to that given by the pump. In order to install pumps for enhanced output in Micro URANUS with these very small sizes and special structures, installation of EVEMP using the concept of an electromagnetic pump that is easy to free up space and operates in contactless ways is essential, and this is used to design enhanced power up to 60 MWt. The relationship of performances and design factors are analysed for the optimization of the EVEMP, derives data such as P-Q characteristics, input power changes, and efficiency changes depending on the different input power conditions of the EVEMP are predicted.
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