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Yoo, Jung-Woo
Nano Spin Transport Lab.
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Nonlocal spin diffusion driven by giant spin Hall effect at oxide heterointerfaces

Yoo, Jung-WooJin, Mi-JinMoon, Seon YoungPark, JungminJo, JunhyeonKim, Sin-IkKoo, Hyun CheolMin, Byoung-ChulLee, Hyun-WooBaek, Seung-Hyub
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SPIE Optics + Photonics, Nanoscience + Engineering 2017
We report the non-local spin diffusion at LAO/STO interface induced by the spin Hall effect. The analysis on the nonlocal spin voltage, confirmed by the signature of a Larmor spin precession and its length dependence, displays that both D’yakonov–Perel’ and Elliott–Yafet mechanisms involve in the spin relaxation at low temperature. Our results show that the oxide heterointerface is highly efficient in spin-charge conversion with exceptionally strong spin Hall coefficient γ ∼ 0.15 ± 0.05 and could be an outstanding platform for the study of coupled charge and spin transport phenomena and their electronic applications.


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