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전휘찬Lee, Jae Sung김은선김재영홍석준

Conference Paper Issue Date2010-06-04 View23

전휘찬Lee, Jae Sung김은선김재영홍석준

Conference Paper Issue Date2010-10-21 View7

Kwak, JahunMei, DonghaiPeden, Charles H. F.Rousseau, RogerSzanyi, Janos

Article Issue Date2011-05 View13


Conference Paper Issue Date2016-04-21 View6

Hwang, InchanLee, KangminSeo, Kwanyong

Conference Paper Issue Date2016-10-05 View6

Lee, KangminHwang, InchanKim, NamwooChoi, DeokjaeUm, Han-DonKim, SeungchulSeo, Kwanyong

Article Issue Date2016-08 View7

Kim, NamwooSeo, Kwanyong

Conference Paper Issue Date2018-04-20 View9

Kim, NamwooUm, Han-DonChoi, InwooKim, Ka-HyunSeo, Kwanyong

Article Issue Date2016-05 View6

Kim, NamwooUm, Han-donChoi, InwooKim, Ka-HyunSeo, Kwanyong

Conference Paper Issue Date2017-11-14 View11

Kim, Ju-MyungPark, Chang-HoonWu, QinglinLee, Sang-Young

Article Issue Date2016-01 View8


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Patent Issue Date View7

Lee, Jae Sung

Conference Paper Issue Date2003-10-01 View5

김국희최진순김경태이영혜이재성Marimuthu Banu

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