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2021-01Acid–base reaction of a cationic hydration probe in vicinity of anionic interface of AOT reverse micellesNho, Hak-Won; Park, Jae-Heon; Adhikari, Aniruddha, et alARTICLE12
2021-01Lightweight cementless composite of CaO-CaCl2-CaSO4-activated GGBFS developed as an alternative to lightweight gypsum compositeYum, Woo Sung; Jeon, Dong Ho; Yu, Juan, et alARTICLE14
2021-01Recent Progress in Porous Fused Aromatic Networks and Their ApplicationsAhmad, Ishfaq; Mahmood, Javeed; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE13
2021-01CSAI analysis of non-crimp fabric cross-ply laminate manufactured through wet compression molding processLee, Sooyoung; Hong, Chaeyoung; Choi, Taeseong, et alARTICLE55
2021-01Factors Affecting Occurrence of Landslides Induced by the M7.8 April 2015, Nepal EarthquakeMahalingam, Rubini; Kim, ByungminARTICLE56
2021-01Analysing the mechanism of mitochondrial oxidation-induced cell death using a multifunctional iridium(III) photosensitiserLee, Chaiheon; Nam, Jung Seung; Lee, Chae Gyu, et alARTICLE7
2021-01How Does Indian Monsoon Regulate the Northern Hemisphere Stationary Wave Pattern?Son, Jun-Hyeok; Seo, Kyong-Hwan; Son, Seok-Woo, et alARTICLE0
2021-01A scalable molecule-based magnetic thin film for spin-thermoelectric energy conversionOh, Inseon; Park, Jungmin; Choe, Daeseong, et alARTICLE0
2021-01Advances in Facemasks during the COVID-19 Pandemic EraKarmacharya, Mamata; Kumar, Sumit; Gulenko, Oleksandra, et alARTICLE0
2021-01Electrochemically Li-intercalated TiO2 nanoparticles for High performance photocatalytic production of hydrogenKim, Mun Kyoung; Sim, Woo Hyeong; Choi, Miri, et alARTICLE73
Showing results 41 to 50 of 37868