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2021-10Vernicia fordii (Hemsl.) Airy Shaw extract stimulates insulin secretion in pancreatic β-cells and improves insulin sensitivity in diabetic miceHyun, Jimin; Park, Mi Hyeon; Lee, Yo Han, et alARTICLE39
2021-10Engineering crystal phase of Nylon-11 films for ferroelectric device and piezoelectric sensorEom, Kijoo; Na, Sangyun; Kim, Joong-Kwon, et alARTICLE24
2021-10Optimized Design of Multi-Material Cellular Structures by a Level-Set Method With Guyan ReductionChung, Hayoung; Du, ZongliangARTICLE26
2021-10Recent advancements in the measurement of pathogenic airborne virusesBhardwaj, Jyoti; Hong, Seongkyeol; Jang, Junbeom, et alARTICLE36
2021-10Smart gating of the flexible Ag@CoxMo1-xP and rGO-loaded composite based personal thermal management device inspired by the neuroanatomic circuitry of endothermsHazarika, Ankita; Deka, Biplab K.; Kim, Do Young, et alARTICLE7
2021-09-27Gridlock-free Autonomous Parking Lots for Autonomous VehiclesAu, Tsz-ChiuCONFERENCE11
2021-09-19Calibrating Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models by Parallel Search using Active-CMA-ESJaebak Hwang; Ko, Sungahn; Au, Tsz-ChiuCONFERENCE6
2021-09NOx emission characteristics of CH4 versus O2/CO2 counterflow non-premixed flames at various pressures up to 300 atmJung, Ki Sung; Park, Hyun Su; Nguyen, Danh Nam, et alARTICLE58
2021-09Innovative strategies toward challenges in PV-powered electrochemical CO2 reductionSultan, Siraj; Kim, Jin Hyun; Kim, SeungHyeon, et alARTICLE49
2021-09Synthesis of Hexagonal Rosettes of g-C3N4 with Boosted Charge Transfer for the Enhanced Visible-light Photocatalytic Hydrogen evolution and Hydrogen peroxide ProductionMahvelati-Shamsabadi, Tahereh; Fattahimoghaddam, Hossein; Lee, Byeong-Kyu, et alARTICLE46
Showing results 11 to 20 of 41140