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201905Practical Monte Carlo simulation using modified power method with preconditioningZhang, Peng; Lee, Hyunsuk; Lemaire, Matthieu, et alARTICLE55
201904Effects of climate change on Plasmodium vivax malaria transmission dynamics: A mathematical modeling approachKim, Jung Eun; Choi, Yongin; Lee, Chang HyeongARTICLE65
201904Self-healing of modified sulfur composites with calcium sulfoaluminate cement and superabsorbent polymerGwon, Seongwoo; Ahn, Eunjong; Shin, MyoungsuARTICLE20
201904Is there chiral correlation between graphitic layers in double-wall carbon nanotubes?He, Maoshuai; Xu, Ziwei; Shang, Danhong, et alARTICLE32
201904An experimental study on the thermal performance of cellulose-graphene-based thermal interface materialsJeon, Daechan; Kim, Se Hyun; Choi, Wonjoon, et alARTICLE52
201904Shared housing as a potential resource for community buildingCho, Gi-Hyoug; Woo, Ayoung; Kim, JeongseobARTICLE50
201904Continuous fatigue crack length estimation for aluminum 6061-T6 plates with a notchLim, Hyung Jin; Lee, Young-Joo; Sohn, HoonARTICLE189
201904Enhanced corrosion resistance of Mg–Sn–Zn–Al alloy by Y microalloyingLee, Daseul; Kim, Beomcheol; Lee, Sooseok, et alARTICLE23
201904Rapid synthesis of graphene by chemical vapor deposition using liquefied petroleum gas as precursorLee, Imbok; Bae, Dong Jae; Lee, Won Ki, et alARTICLE20
201904Linear and nonlinear optical investigations of N:ZnO/ITO thin films system for opto-electronic functionsArif, Mohd; Shkir, Mohd; AlFaify, S, et alARTICLE0
Showing results 11 to 20 of 16667