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2006-11Synthesis, characterization, and AFM studies of dendronized polyferrocenylsilanesKim, Kyoung Taek; Han, Junwon; Ryu, Chang Y.; Sun, Frank C.; Sheiko, Sergei S.; Winnik, Mitchell A.; Manners, IanARTICLE468
2014-01Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of Ultrasmall NanoparticlesKim, Byung Hyo; Hackett, Michael J.; Park, Jongnam; Hyeon, TaeghwanARTICLE578
2006-04Synthesis, characterization, and catalytic function of novel highly dispersed tungsten oxide catalysts on inesoporous silicaHerrera, JE; Kwak, Jahun; Hu, JZ; Wang, Y; Peden, CHF; Macht, J; Iglesia, EARTICLE498
2004-09Synthesis, characterization, and magnetic properties of uniform-sized MnO nanospheres and nanorodsPark, Jongnam; Kang, EA; Bae, CJ; Park, JG; Noh, HJ; Kim, JY; Park, JH; Park, JH; Hyeon, TARTICLE585
2008-12Synthesis, Characterization, and O2 Reactivity of Iridium(I) Complexes Supported by Guanidinato LigandsRohde, Jan-Uwe; Kelley, Matthew R.; Lee, Wei-TsungARTICLE551
2017-10Synthesis, characterization, and optical properties of visible light-driven Bi2S3 nanorod photocatalystsVattikuti, S.V.Pabhakar; Shim, Jaesool; Byon, ChanARTICLE308
2006-08Synthesis, characterization, and self-assembly of pencil-shaped CoO nanorodsAn, Kwangjin; Lee, Nohyun; Park, Jongnam; Kim, Sung Chul; Hwang, Yosun; Park, Je-Geun; Kim, Jae-Young; Park, Jae-Hoon; Han, Myung Joon; Yu, Jaejun; Hyeon, TaeghwanARTICLE645
2019-12Synthesis, Molecular Packing, and Electrical Properties of New Regioisomeric n-type Semiconducting Molecules with Modification of Alkyl Substituents PositionRyu, Hwa Sook; Kim, Min Je; Lee, Young Woong; Lee, Seung-Hun; Shin, Tae Joo; Cho, Jeong Ho; Woo, Han YoungARTICLE118
2008-10Synthesis, Shape Control, and Optical Properties of Hybrid Au/Fe3O4 "NanoflowersWei, Yanhu; Klajn, Rafal; Pinchuk, Anatoliy O.; Grzybowski, Bartosz A.ARTICLE1
2018-09Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and crystallographic behavior of ethyl 2-(4-methyl-(2-benzylidenehydraziny1))thiazole-4-carboxylate: Experimental and theoretical (DFT) studiesHaroon, Muhammad; Akhtar, Tashfeen; Yousuf, Muhammad; Baig, Mirza Wasif; Tahir, Muhammad Nawaz; Rasheed, LubnaARTICLE145
2008-11Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and thermal behavior of cadmium(II) complexes of S-methyldithiocarbazate (SMDTC) and S-benzyldithiocarbazate (SBDTC): X-ray crystal structure of [Cd(SMDTC)(3)] center dot 2NO(3)Bera, Pulakesh; Kim, Chong-Hyeak; Seok, Sang IlARTICLE371
2009-06Synthesis, spectroscopy and thermal behavior of new lead(II) complexes derived from S-methyl/benzyldithiocarbazates (SMDTC/SBDTC): X-ray crystal structure of [Pb(SMDTC)(NO3)(2)]Bera, Pulakesh; Kim, Chong-Hyeak; Seok, Sang IlARTICLE366
2004Synthesis, thermal, and electrochemical properties of AlPO4-coated LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 cathode materials for a Li-ion cellCho, Jaephil; Kim, TJ; Kim, J; Noh, M; Park, BARTICLE985
2019-10Synthetic asters as elastic and radial skeletonsXie, Qingqiao; Chen, Xixi; Wu, Tianli; Wang, Tiankuo; Cao, Yi; Granick, Steve; Li, Yuchao; Jiang, LingxiangARTICLE148
2010-01Synthetic Biology for Biofuels: Building Designer Microbes from the ScratchGhim, Cheol-Min; Kim, Taesung; Mitchell, Robert J.; Lee, Sung KukARTICLE970
2012-10Synthetic chloride transporters with the binding mode observed in a ClC chloride channelChoi, Ye Rin; Chae, Min Kyung; Kim, Dongwook; Lah, Myoung Soo; Jeong, Kyu-SungARTICLE599
2018-08Synthetic Lethal and Convergent Biological Effects of Cancer-Associated Spliceosomal Gene MutationsLee, Stanley Chun-Wei; North, Khrystyna; Kim, Eunhee; Jang, Eunjung; Obeng, Esther; Lu, Sydney X.; Liu, Bo; Inoue, Daichi; Yoshimi, Akihide; Ki, Michelle; Yeo, Mirae; Zhang, Xiao Jing; Kim, Min Kyung; Cho, Hana; Chung, Young Rock; Taylor, Justin; Durham, Benjamin H.; Kim, Young Joon; Pastore, Alessandro; Monette, Sebastien; Palacino, James; Seiler, Michael; Buonamici, Silvia; Smith, Peter G.; Ebert, Benjamin L.; Bradley, Robert K.; Abdel-Wahab, OmarARTICLE416
2011-04Synthetic multicellular cell-to-cell communication in inkjet printed bacterial cell systemsChoi, Woon Sun; Ha, Dokyeong; Park, Seongyong; Kim, TaesungARTICLE722
2014-02Synthetic nanowire/nanotube-based solid substrates for controlled cell growthBaik, Ku Youn; Park, Sung Young; Namgung, Seon; Kim, Daesan; Cho, Dong-guk; Lee, Minju; Hong, SeunghunARTICLE165
Showing results 16981 to 17000 of 21535