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2018-10Basics of genome-scale metabolic modeling and applications on C1-utilizationKabimoldayev, Ilyas; Anh Duc Nguyen; Yang, Laurence; Park, Sunghoon; Lee, Eun Yeol; Kim, DonghyukARTICLE290
2019-07Cellular responses to reactive oxygen species are predicted from molecular mechanismsYang, Laurence; Mih, Nathan; Anand, Amitesh; Park, Joon Ho; Tan, Justin; Yurkovich, James T.; Monk, Jonathan M.; Lloyd, Colton J.; Sandberg, Troy E.; Seo, Sang Woo; Kim, Donghyuk; Sastry, Anand, V; Phaneuf, Patrick; Gao, Ye; Broddrick, Jared T.; Chen, Ke; Heckmann, David; Szubin, Richard; Hefner, Ying; Feist, Adam M.; Palsson, Bernhard O.ARTICLE191
2017-09Global transcriptional regulatory network for Escherichia coli robustly connects gene expression to transcription factor activitiesFang, Xin; Sastry, Anand; Mih, Nathan; Kim, Donghyuk; Tan, Justin; Yurkovich, James T.; Lloyd, Colton J.; Gao, Ye; Yang, Laurence; Palsson, Bernhard O.ARTICLE294
2018-11Systematic discovery of uncharacterized transcription factors in Escherichia coli K-12 MG1655Gao, Ye; Yurkovich, James T.; Seo, Sang Woo; Kabimoldayev, Ilyas; Draeger, Andreas; Chen, Ke; Sastry, Anand V.; Fang, Xin; Mih, Nathan; Yang, Laurence; Eichner, Johannes; Cho, Byung-Kwan; Kim, Donghyuk; Palsson, Bernhard O.ARTICLE281
2015-08Systems biology definition of the core proteome of metabolism and expression is consistent with high-throughput dataYang, Laurence; Tan, Justin; O'Brien, Edward J.; Monk, Jonathan M.; Kim, Donghyuk; Li, Howard J.; Charusanti, Pep; Ebrahim, Ali; Lloyd, Colton J.; Yurkovich, James T.; Du, Bin; Draeger, Andreas; Thomas, Alex; Sun, Yuekai; Saunders, Michael A.; Palsson, Bernhard O.ARTICLE285
2019-12The Escherichia coli transcriptome mostly consists of independently regulated modulesSastry, Anand, V; Gao, Ye; Szubin, Richard; Hefner, Ying; Xu, Sibei; Kim, Donghyuk; Choudhary, Kumari Sonal; Yang, Laurence; King, Zachary A.; Palsson, Bernhard O.ARTICLE133
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6