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2015-10Chemical vapor deposition growth of large-scale hexagonal boron nitride with controllable orientationSong, Xiuju; Gao, Junfeng; Nie, Yufeng; Gao, Teng; Sun, Jingyu; Ma, Donglin; Li, Qiucheng; Chen, Yubin; Jin, Chuanhong; Bachmatiuk, Alicja; Ruemmeli, Mark H.; Ding, Feng; Zhang, Yanfeng; Liu, ZhongfanARTICLE91
2015-12Growing Uniform Graphene Disks and Films on Molten Glass for Heating Devices and Cell CultureChen, Yubin; Sun, Jingyu; Gao, Junfeng; Du, Feng; Han, Qi; Nie, Yufeng; Chen, Zhaolong; Bachmatiuk, Alicja; Priydarshi, Manish Kr.; Ma, Donglin; Song, Xiuju; Wu, Xiaosong; Xiong, Chunyang; Ruemmeli, Mark H.; Ding, Feng; Zhang, Yanfeng; Liu, ZhongfanARTICLE99
2018-07In Situ Assembly of 2D Conductive Vanadium Disulfide with Graphene as a High-Sulfur-Loading Host for Lithium-Sulfur BatteriesZhu, Xingyu; Zhao, Wen; Song, Yingze; Li, Qiucheng; Ding, Feng; Sun, Jingyu; Zhang, Li; Liu, ZhongfanARTICLE239
2018-11In-situ PECVD-enabled graphene-V2O3 hybrid host for lithium-sulfur batteriesSong, Yingze; Zhao, Wen; Wei, Nan; Zhang, Li; Ding, Feng; Liu, Zhongfan; Sun, JingyuARTICLE268
2016-10Seed-Assisted Growth of Single-Crystalline Patterned Graphene Domains on Hexagonal Boron Nitride by Chemical Vapor DepositionSong, Xiuju; Gan, Teng; Nie, Yufeng; Zhuang, Jianing; Sun, Jingyu; Ma, Donglin; Shi, Jianping; Lin, Yuanwei; Ding, Feng; Zhang, Yanfeng; Liu, ZhongfanARTICLE376
2018-09Synchronous immobilization and conversion of polysulfides on a VO2-VN binary host targeting high sulfur load Li-S batteriesSong, Yingze; Zhao, Wen; Kong, Long; Zhang, Li; Zhu, Xingyu; Shao, Yuanlong; Ding, Feng; Zhang, Qiang; Sun, Jingyu; Liu, ZhongfanARTICLE221
2018-05Vanadium Dioxide-Graphene Composite with Ultrafast Anchoring Behavior of Polysulfides for Lithium-Sulfur BatteriesSong, Yingze; Zhao, Wen; Zhu, Xingyu; Zhang, Li; Li, Qiucheng; Ding, Feng; Liu, Zhongfan; Sun, JingyuARTICLE241
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7