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2015-02-26Activity on Gyrotron Development at UNISTKim, Sungguk; Kim, Jungho; Sawant, Ashwini; Choi, Moonseok; Kim, Dongseong; So, Joonho; Won, Jonghyo; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE43
2014-09-17Comparative study on PIC simulations of the gyrotron cavitySawant, Ashwini; Kim, Jung Ho; Hong, Yongjun; So, Joonho; Choi, Eun MiCONFERENCE55
2014-06-19Design of a Calorimeter for Measurement of High Power GyrotronChoi, EunMi; Ashwini, Sawant; Kim, Dongsung; Kim, Sungkook; Kim, Jungho; Bae, Yeongsoon; So, Joonho; Lee, Woosang; Lee, Ingeun; Lee, Inhyuk; Lee, Jeonghyuk; Jeong, Mi; Choi, Moonseok; Han, WonsoonCONFERENCE47
2016-04-19Design study of an energy-recirculating G-band self-driving folded waveguide traveling-wave tubeLee, Ingeun; Sawant, Ashwini; So, Joonho; Hong, Yongjin; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE47
2013-05-21Design study of MIG for dual-band gyrotronLee, Ingeun; Kim, Sung Gug; So, Joonho; Choi, Eun MiCONFERENCE62
2014-04-22Feasibility study on performance test of a quasi-optical mode converter using a linear, simple higher order mode generatorKim, Sung Gug; Kim, DongSung; Choe , Mun Seok; So, Joonho; Choi, Eun MiCONFERENCE52
2014-04Near-Field Pattern of Large Aperture Higher Order Mode Generator Using Backpropagated Fields in Free SpaceKim, Kwanghoon; Choe, Mun Seok; Lee, Woosang; So, Joonho; Choi, EunMiARTICLE788
2014-06-19Study on the Transmission Characteristics of the Window for W-band GyrotronChoi, EunMi; Kim, Dongseong; Kim, Jungho; So, Joonho; Shin, Jinwoo; Yang, Jongwon; Yeom, Seunghwan; Yoon, Yeongjoon; Lee, Minwoo; Lee, Woosang; Hong, YongjoonCONFERENCE39
2016-03System Development and Performance Testing of a W-Band GyrotronKim, Sung Gug; Sawant, Ashwini; Lee, Ingeun; Kim, Dongsung; Choe, MunSeok; Won, Jong-Hyo; Kim, Jungho; So, Joonho; Jang, Won; Choi, EunMiARTICLE1040
2014-12Validation of 3-D Time Domain Particle-in-Cell Simulations for Cold Testing a W-Band Gyrotron CavitySawant, Ashwini; Kim, Sung Gug; Lin, Ming-Chieh; Kim, Jung Ho; Hong, Yongjun; So, Joonho; Choi, EunMiARTICLE943
2014-06고출력 자이로트론 출력전력을 측정하기 위한 칼로리미터 제작 및 측정Choi, Eun Mi; Kim, Dongseoung; Lee, Junghyuk; Kim, Seongkook; Lee, Inguen; Choi, Moonseok; Ashwini, Sawant; Jeong, Mi; Lee, Inhyuk; Han, Wonsoon; Bae, Youngsoon; Kim, Jeongho; Lee, Woosang; So, JoonhoCONFERENCE42
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11