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2009-04Characterization of fluid-solid phase transition of hard-sphere fluids in cylindrical pore via molecular dynamics simulationHuang, Huan Cong; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Singh, Jayant K.ARTICLE706
2008-04Characterization of mono- and divacancy in fcc and hcp hard-sphere crystalsKwak, Sang Kyu; Cahyana, Yenni; Singh, Jayant K.ARTICLE727
2012-03Confining effect of carbon-nanotube configuration on phase behavior of hard-sphere fluidHuang, Huan Cong; Singh, Jayant K.; Lee, Jong-Min; Kwak, Sang KyuARTICLE737
2010-06Direct determination of fluid-solid coexistence of square-well fluids confined in narrow cylindrical hard poresHuang, Huan Cong; Chen, Wen Wen; Singh, Jayant K.; Kwak, Sang KyuARTICLE755
2008Interface mixing behaviour of Lennard-Jones FCC (100) thin filmGazali, Panji; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Singh, Jayant K.ARTICLE793
2010-07Phase transition and crossover behavior of colloidal fluids under confinementSingh, Sudhir K.; Singh, Jayant K.; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Deo, GoutamARTICLE656
2009Quasi-2D and prewetting transitions of square-well fluids on a square-well substrateSaha, Ashim K.; Singh, Satya Pal; Singh, Jayant K.; Kwak, Sang KyuARTICLE864
2007-01Surface tension and vapor-liquid phase coexistence of confined square-well fluidSingh, Jayant K.; Kwak, Sang KyuARTICLE737
2008-01Thin-thick surface phase coexistence and boundary tension of the square-well fluid on a weak attractive surfaceSingh, Jayant K.; Sarma, Gautam; Kwak, Sang KyuARTICLE786
2006-10Vapor-liquid phase coexistence curves for Morse fluidsSingh, Jayant K.; Adhikari, Jhumpa; Kwak, Sang KyuARTICLE630
Showing results 1 to 10 of 10