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2016-01Adoption of nitrogen power conversion system for small scale ultra-long cycle fast reactor eliminating intermediate sodium loopSeo, Seok Bin; Seo, Han; Bang, In CheolARTICLE809
2014-06-18CHF enhancement by nanoparticles-coated surface in FC-72 flow boilingSeo, Seokbin; Seo, Han; Kim, Kyungmo; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE54
2015-05-08CHF Enhancement by Surface Patterning based on Hydrodynamic InstabilitySeo, Han; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE44
2015-10-23Chromia Nanofluid Application for CHF Enhancement and Accident ResistanceSon, Gyu Min; Seo, Han; Seo, Seok Bin; Moon, Sung Bo; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE60
2015-10-30Comparison of Chrome and Chrome Oxide Coating with CHFSon, Gyu Min; Seo, Han; Seo, Seok Bin; Moon, Sung Bo; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE53
2012-05Critical heat flux enhancement in flow boiling of Al 2O 3 and SiC nanofluids under low pressure and low flow conditionsLee, Seung Won; Park, Seong Dae; Kang, Sarah; Kim, Seong Man; Seo, Han; Lee, Dong Won; Bang, In CheolARTICLE913
2015-09-01Critical Heat Flux Enhancement Mechanism by Surface Modification based on Hydrodynamic Instability ModelSeo, Han; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE63
2012-11Effects of Al2O3/R-123 nanofluids containing C19H40 core-shell phase change materials on critical heat fluxPark, Seong Dae; Lee, Seung Won; Kang, Sarah M.; Kim, Seong Man; Seo, Han; Bang, In CheolARTICLE1108
2018-05Effects of hole patterns on surface temperature distributions in pool boilingSeo, Han; Lim, Yeongjin; Shin, Heungjoo; Bang, In CheolARTICLE1058
2017-02Effects of Surface Characteristics in Pool Boiling Critical Heat Flux Enhancement, and its Prediction ModelBang, In Cheol; Seo, HanDoctoral thesis752
2016-05-13Effects of Vapor Path Structures on Critical Heat Flux and Boiling Heat Transfer in Pool BoilingSeo, Han; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE38
2013-05-12Enhancement of Thermal Margin for External Reactor Vessel Cooling (ERVC) Using SiC NanofluidBang, In Cheol; Park, Seong Dae; Lee, Seung Won; Kang, Sarah; Seo, HanCONFERENCE68
2014Experimental study of moderator circulation in candu6 Calandria tankKim, Hyoung Tae; Seo, Han; Im, Sunghyuk; Rhee, Bo Wook; Cha, Jae EunCONFERENCE20
2013-11-28Flow Visualization in a 1/8 Scaled CANDU-6 Moderator Tank Using Particle Image VelocimetryBang, In Cheol; Seo, Han; Kim, Hyoung Tae; Cha, Jae EunCONFERENCE63
2013-05-12Flow Visualization on Pool Boiling using Particle Image Velocimetery, nfrared Thermography, and High Speed VideoBang, In Cheol; Seo, HanCONFERENCE35
2015-12-08Flow-driven Rotating Mixing Vane in a Square Subchannel toward Critical Heat Flux EnhancementSeo, Han; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE58
2016-08High performance all-carbon composite transparent electrodes containing uniform carbon nanotube networksYun, Hyung Duk; Kwak, Jinsung; Kim, Se-Yang; Seo, Han; Bang, In Cheol; Kim, Sung Youb; Kang, Seoktae; Kwon, Soon-YongARTICLE1525
2016-02-23Highly Bending Durable All-Carbon Composite Electrodes Containing Uniform Carbon Nanotube NetworksYun, Hyung Duk; Kwak, Jinsung; Kim, Se-Yang; Seo, Han; Bang, In Cheol; Kim, Sung Youb; Kang, Seoktae; 권순용CONFERENCE72
2016-02Hybrid Graphene and Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films for Enhanced Phase-Change Heat TransferSeo, Han; Yun, Hyung Deok; Kwon, Soon-Yong; Bang, In CheolARTICLE759
2013-12-11Investigation of Boiling Heat Transfer and Critical Heat Flux Enhancement for SiC and Graphene Layers on ITO SurfacesSeo, Han; Seo, Seok Bin; Moon, Sung Bo; Kwon, Soon-Yong; Kim, Ji Hyun; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE73
Showing results 1 to 20 of 32