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1999-12A green copolymerization of carbon dioxide and propylene oxideRee, M; Bae, JY; Jung, JH; Shin, TJARTICLE478
1999-06A new copolymerization process leading to poly(propylene carbonate) with a highly enhanced yield from carbon dioxide and propylene oxideRee, M; Bae, JY; Jung, JH; Shin, TJARTICLE540
2000-03Adhesion of poly(4,4 '-oxydiphenylene pyromellitimide) to copper metal using a polymeric primer: Effects of miscibility and polyimide precursor originYu, J; Ree, M; Shin, Tae Joo; Park, YH; Cai, W; Zhou, D; Lee, KWARTICLE1205
1999-04Class transition behaviours in aromatic poly(amic dialkyl ester) precursors with various chain rigiditiesKim, SI; Shin, TJ; Ree, MARTICLE477
2000-07Copolymerization of carbon dioxide and propylene oxide using various zinc glutarate derivatives as catalystsRee, M; Bae, JY; Jung, JH; Shin, Tae Joo; Hwang, YT; Chang, TARTICLE1198
1999-05Effects of precursor origins on water sorption behaviors of various aromatic polyimides in thin filmsHan, H; Chung, H; Gryte, CC; Shin, TJ; Ree, MARTICLE636
2001-04FT-IR spectroscopic and residual stress studies on curing of epoxy resin waterborneYu, Jinshu; Zhou, D; Cai, W; Park, SH; Shin, Tae Joo; Oh, W; Lee, SW; Ree, MARTICLE1068
2001-02Fully rod-like aromatic polyimides: Structure, properties, and chemical modificationsRee, M; Shin, Tae Joo; Lee, SWARTICLE962
1998-06High-temperature polyimide composites prepared from soluble polymeric and crosslinkable oligomeric precursors: phase demixing and propertiesRee, M; Shin, TJ; Kim, SI; Woo, SH; Yoon, DYARTICLE495
2000-01Miscibility behavior of polyimide (PI)/poly(arylene ether benzimidazole) (PAEBI) blends and its effects on the adhesion of PI/PAEBI/copper jointsYu, J; Ree, M; Shin, Tae Joo; Wang, X; Cai, W; Zhou, D; Lee, KWARTICLE1047
1999-10Miscibility of polyimide with polymeric primer and its influence on adhesion of polyimide to the primed copper metal: Effect of precursor originYu, J; Ree, M; Shin, TJ; Wang, X; Cai, W; Zhou, D; Lee, KWARTICLE467
2003-09NEXAFS spectroscopy study of the surface properties of zinc glutarate and its reactivity with carbon dioxide and propylene oxideKim, JS; Ree, M; Lee, SW; Oh, W; Baek, S; Lee, B; Shin, Tae Joo; Kim, KJ; Kim, B; Luning, JARTICLE1124
2003-06Phase diagram constructed from the HPLC fractions of a polystyrene-b-polyisoprene prepared by anionic polymerizationPark, Soojin; Kwon, K; Cho, D; Lee, B; Ree, M; Chang, TARTICLE1030
1998-06Residual stress and optical properties of fully rod-like poly(p-phenylene pyromellitimide) in thin films: Effects of soft-bake and thermal imidization historyRee, M; Shin, TJ; Park, YH; Kim, SI; Woo, SH; Cho, CK; Park, CEARTICLE508
2001-04Residual stress behavior in methylsilsesquioxane-based dielectric thin filmsOh, W; Shin, Tae Joo; Ree, M; Jin, MY; Char, KARTICLE1020
1999-12Residual Stress Behavior in Spin-cast Films of Soluble PolyimidesRee, M; Shin, Tae Joo; Park, YH; Lee, H; Chang, TARTICLE349
2002-03Residual stress evolution in dielectric thin films prepared from poly(methylsilsesquioxane) precursorOh, W; Shin, TJ; Ree, M; Jin, MY; Char, KARTICLE408
2000-03Self-adhesion of poly(4,4 '-oxydiphenylene biphenyltetracarboximide) and its adhesion to substratesRee, M; Park, YH; Shin, Tae Joo; Nunes, TL; Volksen, WARTICLE1044
2005-05Structural analysis of block copolymer thin films with grazing incidence small-angle X-ray scatteringLee, B; Park, I; Yoon, J; Park, Soojin; Kim, J; Kim, KW; Chang, T; Ree, MARTICLE1132
1999-03Structure and properties of rodlike poly(p-phenylene pyromellitimide)s containing short side groupsKim, SI; Shin, TJ; Pyo, SM; Moon, JM; Ree, MARTICLE473
Showing results 1 to 20 of 28