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2023-01A holistic review on how artificial intelligence has redefined water treatment and seawater desalination processesRay, Saikat Sinha; Verma, Rohit Kumar; Singh, Ashutosh; Ganesapillai, Mahesh; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE670
2021-07Chemical and surface engineered superhydrophobic patterned membrane with enhanced wetting and fouling resistance for improved membrane distillation performanceLee, Hyung Kae; Ray, Saikat Sinha; Dao Thi Thanh Huyen; Kang, Wooseok; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE603
2023-03Chemical engineering of electrospun nanofibrous-based three-layered nonwoven polymeric protective mask for enhanced performanceRay, Saikat Sinha; Soni, Ritesh; Huyen, Dao Thi Thanh; Ravi, Srinath; Myung, Suwan; Lee, Chang Young; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE318
2023-05Effectiveness of nanoparticles-based ultrahydrophobic coating for concrete materialsRay, Saikat Sinha; Peddinti, Pranav R.T.; Soni, Ritesh; Kim, Byungmin; Park, You-In; Kim, In-Chul; Lee, Chang Young; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE1158
2022-04Exploration of time series model for predictive evaluation of long-term performance of membrane distillation desalinationRay, Saikat Sinha; Verma, Rohit Kumar; Singh, Ashutosh; Myung, Suwan; Park, You-In; Kim, In-Chul; Lee, Hyung Kae; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE474
2022-11-23Fabrication of Highly Anti-droplet Sand Mulches with Enhanced Water Holding Capacity and Oil-water SeparationRay, Saikat Sinha; Soni, Ritesh; Lee, Chang Young; Kwon, Young-NamCONFERENCE700
2021-04Fluorine-free anti-droplet surface modification by hexadecyltrimethoxysilane-modified silica nanoparticles-coated carbon nanofibers for self-cleaning applicationsRay, Saikat Sinha; Lee, Hyung Kae; Huyen, Dao Thi Thanh; Park, You-In; Park, Hosik; Nam, Seung-Eun; Kim, In-Chul; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE583
2024-01Leveraging ChatGPT and Bard: What does it convey for water treatment/desalination and harvesting sectors?Ray, Saikat Sinha; Peddinti, Pranav R.T.; Verma, Rohit Kumar; Puppala, Harish; Kim, Byungmin; Singh, Ashutosh; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE190
2022-05Microplastics waste in environment: A perspective on recycling issues from PPE kits and face masks during the COVID-19 pandemicRay, Saikat Sinha; Lee, Hyung Kae; Huyen, Dao Thi Thanh; Chen, Shiao-Shing; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE585
2020-01Review on Blueprint of Designing Anti-Wetting Polymeric Membrane Surfaces for Enhanced Membrane Distillation PerformanceRay, Saikat Sinha; Lee, Hyung-Kae; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE633
2022-08Structured pattern hollow fiber membrane designed via reverse thermally induced phase separation method for ultrafiltration applicationsHuyen, Dao Thi Thanh; Ray, Saikat Sinha; Kim, In‐Chul; Kim, Min‐Gyu; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE402
2021-02Surface engineering for anti-wetting and antibacterial membrane for enhanced and fouling resistant membrane distillation performanceRay, Saikat Sinha; Dangayach, Raghav; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE714
2022-11Surface innovation for fabrication of superhydrophobic sand grains with improved water holding capacity for various environmental applicationsRay, Saikat Sinha; Soni, Ritesh; Kim, In-Chul; Park, You-In; Lee, Chang Young; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE728
2020-11Surface innovation to enhance anti-droplet and hydrophobic behavior of breathable compressed-polyurethane masksRay, Saikat Sinha; Park, You-In; Park, Hosik; Nam, Seung-Eun; Kim, In-Chul; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE567
2022-11The face behind the Covid-19 mask — A comprehensive reviewGanesapillai, Mahesh; Mondal, Bidisha; Sarkar, Ishita; Sinha, Aritro; Ray, Saikat Sinha; Kwon, Young-Nam; Nakamura, Kazuho; Govardhan, K.ARTICLE559
2021-02Three-layered hollow fiber (HF) membrane and its modification to enhance wetting resistance for membrane distillation (MD)Lee, Hyung Kae; Jun, Byung-Moon; Ray, Saikat Sinha; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE559
2023-06Towards the next generation improved throughput MXene-based membrane for environmental applications: A holistic reviewRay, Saikat Sinha; Sharma, Tata Sanjay Kanna; Singh, Randeep; Ratley, Aditya; Choi, Won Mook; Ahn, Young-Ho; Sangeetha, D.; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE176
2024-03Zwitterionic material for construction of an antifouling polyamide thin film composite membraneHuyen, Dao Thi Thanh; Ray, Saikat Sinha; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE114
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18