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2022-03Enhanced band-filling effect in halide perovskites via hydrophobic conductive linkersLee, Jung Hwan; Kim, Taehee; Song, Seulki; Kim, Yongchul; Shin, Sooeun; Lee, SunJe; Kim, Younghoon; Choi, Young Jin; Kim, Sungsoon; Zhang, Kan; Cho, Jeong Ho; Shin, Hyunjung; Lee, Geunsik; Park, Nam-Gyu; Kim, Dongho; Seo, Jangwon; Park, Jong HyeokARTICLE86
2015-01Enhancement of Organic Photovoltaic Efficiency via Nanomorphology Control using Conjugated Polymers Incorporating Fullerene Compatible Side-ChainsPark, Sungmin; Seo, Dongkyun; Ryu, Tae In; Ahn, Gukil; Kwak, Kyungwon; Kim, Hyunjung; Cheon, Cheol Hong; Park, Nam-Gyu; Kim, BongSoo; Ko, Min Jae; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, Jin Young; Kim, Honggon; Son, Hae JungARTICLE483
2012-10Highly durable and flexible dye-sensitized solar cells fabricated on plastic substrates: PVDF-nanofiber-reinforced TiO2 photoelectrodesLi, Yuelong; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, Jin Young; Kim, BongSoo; Park, Nam-Gyu; Kim, Kyungkon; Shin, Joong-Ho; Choi, In-Suk; Ko, Min JaeARTICLE477
2015-08Inverted Layer-By-Layer Fabrication of an Ultraflexible and Transparent Ag Nanowire/Conductive Polymer Composite Electrode for Use in High-Performance Organic Solar CellsKim, Youngmin; Ryu, Tae In; Ok, Ki-Hoon; Kwak, Min-Gi; Park, Sungmin; Park, Nam-Gyu; Han, Chul Jong; Kim, Bong Soo; Ko, Min Jae; Son, Hae Jung; Kim, Jong-WoongARTICLE423
2018-05Methodologies toward Highly Efficient Perovskite Solar CellsSeok, Sang Il; Gratzel, Michael; Park, Nam-GyuARTICLE598
2013-07Non-thermal phase separation of P3HT and PCBM using polar aprotic solvents for enhancement of photovoltaic performance in bulk heterojunction solar cellsLee, Ji-Seon; Kim, BongSoo; Park, Nam-GyuARTICLE478
2022-02Rethinking the A cation in halide perovskitesLee, Jin-Wook; Tan, Shaun; Seok, Sang Il; Yang, Yang; Park, Nam-GyuARTICLE388
2014-09Simultaneous Enhancement of Solar Cell Efficiency and Photostability via Chemical Tuning of Electron Donating Units in Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Push-Pull Type PolymersRyu, Tae In; Yoon, Youngwoon; Kim, Ji-Hoon; Hwang, Do-Hoon; Ko, Min Jae; Lee, Doh-Kwon; Kim, Jin Young; Kim, Honggon; Park, Nam-Gyu; Kim, BongSoo; Son, Hae JungARTICLE480
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8