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2023-02-16Accelerated RGB/IR-Based Object Detection and Formation Flight for Survivor DetectionBae, Seonguk; Kim, Hyeongsup; Park, Minkyu; Choi, Myong-yol; Shin, Heejung; Oh, HyondongCONFERENCE862
2023-02Autonomous Hazardous Gas Source Search and Estimation Strategies of Mobile SensorsOh, Hyondong; Park, MinkyuDoctoral thesis662
2021-12Autonomous source search for UAVs using Gaussian mixture model-based Infotaxis: algorithm and flight experimentsPark, Minkyu; An, Seulbi; Seo, Jaemin; Oh, HyondongARTICLE512
2020-06-25Autonomous source search using Gaussian mixture model-based InfotaxisAn, Seulbi; Park, Minkyu; Oh, HyondongCONFERENCE416
2020-11-18Communication-Aware Autonomous Search for Source Term Estimation Using Multiple Mobile SensorsPark, Minkyu; Oh, HyondongCONFERENCE403
2020-02Cooperative information-driven source search and estimation for multiple agentsPark, Minkyu; Oh, HyondongARTICLE856
2023-06Deep Learning-Based Human Detection Using RGB and IR Images from DronesBae, Seonguk; Shin, Heejung; Kim, Hyeongseop; Park, Minkyu; Choi, Myong-Yol; Oh, HyondongARTICLE218
2021-06-04Experimental Verification for Cognitive Search Strategy to Estimate Hazardous substance source using Autonomous Unmanned Mobile VehiclePark, Minkyu; Seo, Jaemin; Oh, HyondongCONFERENCE278
2020-01-20Experimental verification for information driven hazardous gas source estimation using a mobile vehiclePark, Minkyu; Oh, HyondongCONFERENCE320
2020-11-12Gaussian Mixture Model-Based Information Theoretic Hazardous Source Search for UAVsPark, Minkyu; An, Seulbi; Seo, Jaemin; Oh, HyondongCONFERENCE392
2021-11-16Improved Socialtaxis for Information-Theoretic Source Search Using Cooperative Multiple Agents in Turbulent EnvironmentsJang, Hongro; Park, Minkyu; Oh, HyondongCONFERENCE579
2023-09Improved Socialtaxis for information-theoretic source search using cooperative multiple agents in turbulent environmentsJang, Hongro; Park, Minkyu; Oh, HyondongARTICLE612
2019-01-06Information-Driven Autonomous Search and Source Reconstruction Using Cooperative Mobile SensorsPark, Minkyu; Oh, HyondongCONFERENCE318
2023-02Receding Horizon-Based Infotaxis With Random Sampling for Source Search and Estimation in Complex EnvironmentsPark, Minkyu; Ladosz, Pawel; Kim, Jongyun; Oh, HyondongARTICLE628
2022-01Receding-horizon RRT-Infotaxis for autonomous source search in urban environmentsAn, Seulbi; Park, Minkyu; Oh, HyondongARTICLE523
2022-07Source Term Estimation Using Deep Reinforcement Learning With Gaussian Mixture Model Feature Extraction for Mobile SensorsPark, Minkyu; Ladosz, Pawel; Oh, HyondongARTICLE205
Showing results 1 to 16 of 16