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2022-08-15A robust multi-objective parameter optimization in selective laser melting using unsupervised learningChung Baek, Adrian M.; Park, Eunju; Kim, NamhunCONFERENCE121
2019-07A study on process parameter optimization of additive manufacturing of IN718 considering geometry accuracy and mechanical propertiesHuh, Jae Sung; Park, Eunju; Kim, Namhun; Lee, Dong HoARTICLE725
2020-08Analysis of Shape Deformation from Densification of Additive Manufacturing Parts in Selective Laser SinteringHa, Sangho; Park, Eunju; Kim, NamhunARTICLE616
2021-05Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity of Nickel-Based Superalloy CM247LC Fabricated via Selective Laser MeltingKim, Kyomin; Koo, Jageon; Park, Eunju; Kim, Namhun; Kim, WoochulARTICLE498
2023-05Downskin Surface Roughness Prediction with Machine Learning for As-Built CM247LC Fabricated Via Powder Bed Fusion with a Laser BeamKoo, Jageon; Lee, Seungjae; Baek, Adrian Matias Chung; Park, Eunju; Kim, NamhunARTICLE346
2017-09Effect of humidity changes on dimensional stability of 3D printed parts by selective laser sinteringKwon, Daeil; Park, Eunju; Ha, Sangho; Kim, NamhunARTICLE1235
2017-11-18Enhancement of Dimensional Stability and Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Parts using the Electron Beam Process : A Case Study – Unmanned DronePark, Eunju; Kim, Jinsik; Kim, Jisoo; Park, Hyung Wook; Kim, NamhunCONFERENCE315
2020-01Evaluation of Tool Life in the Dry Machining of Inconel 718 Parts from Additive Manufacturing (AM)Park, Eunju; Kim, Dong Min; Park, Hyung Wook; Park, Young-Bin; Kim, NamhunARTICLE830
2018-06-18Experimental investigation on tool wear during the milling processes for the post-processing of selective laser melted inconel 718 alloysKim, Dong Min; Park, Eunju; Kim, Namhun; Park, Hyung WookCONFERENCE356
2016-09Experimental study on critical heat flux of highly efficient soft hydrophilic CuO-chitosan nanofluid templatesCheedarala, Ravi Kumar; Park, Eunju; Kong, Kyungil; Park, Young-Bin; Park, Hyung WookARTICLE1216
2017-07Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Single- and Dual-material 3D Printed ProductsKim, Heechang; Park, Eunju; Kim, Suhyun; Park, Bumsoo; Kim, Namhun; Lee, SeungchulARTICLE609
2015-02Fabrication and characterization of the nanofluids by the electrical explosion of the wire in liquid methodPark, Hyung Wook; Park, EunjuDoctoral thesis1533
2014-10Fabrication and synthesis of solvent-free aluminum oxide colloids by electrical explosion of wires in liquids methodPark, Eunju; Park, Hyung WookARTICLE1078
2016-08-21Hygroscopic Swelling Behavior of 3D Printed Parts due to Changes in Environmental ConditionsPark, Ju-young; Ha, Sangho; Park, Eunju; Kwon, Daeil; Kim, NamhunCONFERENCE284
2024-02Multi-objective robust parameter optimization using the extended and weighted k-means (EWK-means) clustering in laser powder bed fusion (LPBF)Chung Baek, Adrian Matias; Park, Eunju; Seong, Minkyu; Koo, Jageon; Jung, Im Doo; Kim, NamhunARTICLE110
2012-05Surface modifications to grooved SM45C mold steel plates using large-electron-beam polishingKim, Dong Min; Park, Eunju; Park, Hyung WookARTICLE1166
2014-09Synthesis and characterization of non-toxic thermal stabilizers of PVC based on layered double hydroxidesPark, Hyung Wook; Park, Eunju; Lee, JinaeARTICLE1124
2015-10Synthesis of hierarchical copper oxide composites prepared via electrical explosion of the wire in liquids methodPark, Eunju; Park, Hyung Wook; Lee, JinaeARTICLE1120
2021-09-07The research of surface roughness prediction with machine learning according to process parameters in laser powder bed fusionKoo, Jageon; Park, Eunju; Chung Baek, Adrian Matias; Kim, NamhunCONFERENCE282
Showing results 1 to 19 of 19