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2021-04Amine‐Tagged Fragmented Ligand Installation for Covalent Modification of MOF‐74Lim, Jaewoong; Lee, Seonghwan; Ha, Hyeonbin; Seong, Junmo; Jeong, Seok; Kim, Min; Baek, Seung Bin; Lah, Myoung SooARTICLE264
2018-11-25Bioinspired, SWCNT-Coated, Micro-Hexagonal Array Based Electronic Skin for Mechanical SensingJeong, Chang Yoon; Lee, Seonghwan; Park, Young-BinCONFERENCE280
2020-01Carbon Nanocomposite Based Mechanical Sensing and Energy HarvestingJeong, Changyoon; Joung, Chanwoo; Lee, Seonghwan; Feng, Maria Q.; Park, Young-BinARTICLE627
2022-02Creating Tunable Mesoporosity by Temperature‐Driven Localized Crystallite AgglomerationJeong, Seok; Sim, Youjung; Kim, Jin Kyun; Shin, Sunyoung; Lim, Jaewoong; Seong, Junmo; Lee, Seonghwan; Moon, Dohyun; Baek, Seung Bin; Kim, Chae Un; Ryu, Ja-Hyoung; Lah, Myoung SooARTICLE233
2021-11Cu(OH)(2)-Ni(OH)(2) engulfed by zeolite-Y hydroxyl nest and multiwalled carbon nanotube for effective methanol oxidation reactionHoque, Nazimul; Baruah, Manash J.; Lee, Seonghwan; Park, Young-Bin; Dutta, Rupjyoti; Roy, Subhasish; Bania, Kusum K.ARTICLE208
2022-08CuO-Fe(III)-Zeolite-Y as efficient catalyst for oxidative alcohol-amine coupling reactionsGogoi, Gautam; Baruah, Manash J.; Biswas, Subir; Hoque, Nazimul; Lee, Seonghwan; Park, Young-Bin; Saikia, Lakshi; Bania, Kusum K.ARTICLE78
2022-05Dehydrogenation of ethanol over CuO-Mg-Y for cross-aldol condensation with aryl aldehydesBiswas, Subir; Baruah, Manash J.; Gogoi, Gautam; Hoque, Nazimul; Lee, Seonghwan; Park, Young-Bin; Saikia, Lakshi; Bania, Kusum K.ARTICLE139
2022-08Dual Matrix Influence on Ni(II) Rich Hybrid Catalyst for Electrochemical Methanol Oxidation ReactionHoque, Nazimul; Lee, Seonghwan; Park, Young-Bin; Roy, Subhasish; Baruah, Manash J.; Biswas, Subir; Gogoi, Gautam; Bora, Tonmoy J.; Dutta, Rupjyoti; Bania, Kusum K.ARTICLE68
2018-11-25Effects of Graphene Oxide-Carbon Nanotube Hybrids as Nanofiller on the Interfacial Interaction in Nylon 6,6 Prepared by In-situ Interfacial PolymerizationCho, Beom-Gon; Lee, Seonghwan; Hwang, Sang-Ha; Han, JH; Chae, Han Gi; Park, Young-BinCONFERENCE270
2021-06-24Freestanding mode triboelectric sensor based on Carbon fiber/Glass fiber/epoxy composite for infrastructuresLee, Seonghwan; Park, Young-BinCONFERENCE98
2021-11-11Freestanding-mode Triboelectric and Piezoelectric Sensor Based on Carbon Fiber/Glass Fiber/BaTiO3/PDMS/Epoxy Composites for Infrastructure ApplicationsLee, Seonghwan; Park, Young-BinCONFERENCE104
2020-02Hierarchically structured ZnO nanorod-carbon fiber composites as ultrathin, flexible, highly sensitive triboelectric sensorsJeong, Changyoon; Lee, Seonghwan; Roh, Hyung Doh; Feng, Maria Q; Park, Young-BinARTICLE515
2018-08Influence of hybrid graphene oxide-carbon nanotube as a nano-filler on the interfacial interaction in nylon composites prepared by in situ interfacial polymerizationCho, Beom-Gon; Lee, Seonghwan; Hwang, Sang-Ha; Han, Jong Hun; Chae, Han Gi; Park, Young-BinARTICLE824
2022-11Ligand functionalization of defect-engineered Ni-MOF-74Lim, Jaewoong; Lee, Seonghwan; Sharma, Amitosh; Seong, Junmo; Baek, Seung Bin; Lah, Myoung SooARTICLE366
2021-10Mixed valent copper oxide nanocatalyst on Zeolite-Y for mechanochemical oxidation, reduction and C-C bond formation reactionGogoi, Gautam; Saikia, Pinku; Baruah, Manash J.; Lee, Seonghwan; Park, Young-Bin; Dutta, Rupjyoti; Bania, Kusum K.ARTICLE220
2020-07-07Molecular sieving effect ofnonporous 3-D MOF induced by selective removal of a ligated olvent moleculeSeong, Junmo; Lee, Seonghwan; Jeong, Seok; Lah, Myoung SooCONFERENCE231
2021-05Solvent-mediated framework flexibility of interdigitated 2D layered metal-organic frameworks daggerLee, Seonghwan; Jeong, Seok; Seong, Junmo; Lim, Jaewoong; Sharma, Amitosh; Won, Somi; Moon, Dohyun; Baek, Seung Bin; Lah, Myoung SooARTICLE288
2021-06Superprotonic Conductivity of MOF-808 Achieved by Controlling the Binding Mode of Grafted SulfamateSharma, Amitosh; Lim, Jaewoong; Jeong, Seok; Won, Somi; Seong, Junmo; Lee, Seonghwan; Kim, Yung Sam; Baek, Seung Bin; Lah, Myoung SooARTICLE315
2020-07Triboelectric-nanogenerator-integrated structural supercapacitor based on highly active P-doped branched Cu-Mn selenide nanowires for efficient energy harvesting and storageDeka, Biplab K.; Hazarika, Ankita; Lee, Seonghwan; Kim, Do Young; Park, Young-Bin; Park, Hyung WookARTICLE260
2018-11-25Triboelectrically Self-powered, Structural Carbon-fiber-reinforced CompositesLee, Seonghwan; Jeong, Chang Yoon; Feng, Maria Q.; Park, Young-BinCONFERENCE234
Showing results 1 to 20 of 22