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2018-11-02A metal-ion-chelating organogel electrolyte for Le Chatelier depression of Mn 3+ disproportionation of lithium manganese oxide spinelCho, Yoon-Gyo; Jung, Seo Hyun; Joo, Se Hun; Jeon, Yuju; Lee, Kyung Min; Kim, Seungmin; Park, Jong Mok; Noh, Hyun Kuk; Kong, Ho Youl; Song, Hyun-Kon; Kwak, Sang KyuCONFERENCE404
2018-12A metal-ion-chelating organogel electrolyte for Le Chatelier depression of Mn3+ disproportionation of lithium manganese oxide spinelCho, Yoon-Gyo; Jung, Seo-Hyun; Joo, Se Hun; Jeon, Yuju; Kim, Minsoo; Lee, Kyung Min; Kim, Seungmin; Park, Jong Mok; Noh, Hyun Kuk; Kim, Young-Soo; Hong, Jung-Eui; Jeon, Sang-Ik; Kim, Taewon; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kong, Hoyoul; Song, Hyun-KonARTICLE1169
2020-10-30Analysis of synergistic adhesion properties and nanomechanical interactions of catechol and amine functionalized polyether with various compositionsPark, Jinwoo; Shin, Eeseul; Lee, Joonhee; Lim, Chanoong; Lee, Kyung Min; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kim, Byeong-Su; Lee, Dong WoogCONFERENCE348
2022-02Anion-Rectifying Polymeric Single Lithium-Ion ConductorsCho, Seok-Kyu; Oh, Kyeong-Seok; Shin, Jong Chan; Lee, Ji Eun; Lee, Kyung Min; Cho, Junbeom; Lee, Won Bo; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Lee, Minjae; Lee, Sang-YoungARTICLE491
2021-04Aqueous eutectic lithium-ion electrolytes for wide-temperature operationKim, Hong-I; Shin, Eunhye; Kim, Seung-Hyeok; Lee, Kyung Min; Park, Jaehyun; Kang, Seok Ju; So, Soonyong; Roh, Kwang Chul; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Lee, Sang-YoungARTICLE599
2023-01CF-3-Terminated Side Chain Enables Efficiencies Surpassing 18.2% and 16.1% in Small- and Large-Scale Manufacturing of Organic Solar CellsCho, Yongjoon; Sun, Zhe; Lee, Kyung Min; Zeng, Guang; Jeong, Seonghun; Yang, Sangjin; Lee, Ji Eun; Lee, Byongkyu; Kang, So-Huei; Li, Yaowen; Li, Yongfang; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Yang, ChangdukARTICLE173
2018-10-25Computational Investigation on Morphology Tunability of Polyimide Microparticles Synthesized via Hydrothermal PolymerizationLee, Kyung Min; Joo, Se Hun; Kim, Taehyung; Park, Byeongho; Kim, Byeong-Su; Kwak, Sang KyuCONFERENCE406
2019-06Conjugated Polyelectrolytes as Multifunctional Passivating and Hole-Transporting Layers for Efficient Perovskite Light-Emitting DiodesLee, Seungjin; Jang, Chung Hyeon; Nguyen, Thanh Luan; Kim, Su Hwan; Lee, Kyung Min; Chang, Kiseok; Choi, SuSeok; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Woo, Han Young; Song, Myoung HoonARTICLE811
2018-10-26Design and Strategy of Nitrogen Doped Graphene for the Enhanced H2O2 Selectivity during Oxygen Reduction ReactionPark, Sung O; Lim, Hyeong Yong; Lee, Kyung Min; Kwak, Sang KyuCONFERENCE391
2022-02Guanine‐based G‐quadruplexes Templated by Various Cations toward Potential Use as Single‐Ion ConductorsKang, So-Huei; Lee, Kyung Min; Cho, Seok-Kyu; Lee, Ji Eun; Won, Donghoo; Lee, Sang-Young; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Yang, ChangdukARTICLE490
2020-04Hydrogen-Bond Free Energy of Local Biological WaterPark, Won-Woo; Lee, Kyung Min; Lee, Byeong Sung; Kim, Young Jae; Joo, Se Hun; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Yoo, Tae Hyeon; Kwon, Oh-HoonARTICLE842
2018-12Hydrothermal Synthesis of Composition- and Morphology-Tunable Polyimide-Based MicroparticlesKim, Taehyung; Park, Byeongho; Lee, Kyung Min; Joo, Se Hun; Kang, Min Seok; Yoo, Won Cheol; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE683
2022-09Ion slippage through Li+-centered G-quadruplexCho, Seok-Kyu; Lee, Kyung Min; Kang, So-Huei; Jeong, Kihun; Han, Sun-Phil; Lee, Ji Eun; Lee, Seungho; Shin, Tae Joo; Ryu, Ja-Hyoung; Yang, Changduk; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Lee, Sang-YoungARTICLE585
2021-10Liquid-Based Janus Electrolyte for Sustainable Redox Mediation in Lithium-Oxygen BatteriesKo, Youngmin; Kim, Hong-, I; Cho, Sung-Ju; Lee, Kyung Min; Jung, Gwan Yeong; Park, Hyeokjun; Park, Se Hwan; Lee, Yun Jung; Bae, Youngjoon; Lee, Young-Ro; Kim, Kyoungoh; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Lee, Sang-Young; Kang, KisukARTICLE287
2019-03-28Metal halide screening for high adsorption capacity on carbon monoxide via DFT calculationKim, Yu Jin; Lee, Ji Eun; Lee, Jeong Hyeon; Kim, Jin Chul; Lee, Kyung Min; Lim, Hyeong Yong; Lee, Ki Bong; Kwak, Sang KyuCONFERENCE459
2023-02Multiscale simulation study on the improvement of conventional electrolytes for rechargeable batteriesSeo, Dong-Hwa; Lee, Kyung MinDoctoral thesis417
2022-04Peptidomimetic Wet-Adhesive PEGtides with Synergistic and Multimodal Hydrogen BondingKim, Minseong; Park, Jinwoo; Lee, Kyung Min; Shin, Eeseul; Park, Suebin; Lee, Joonhee; Lim, Chanoong; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Lee, Dong Woog; Kim, Byeong-SuARTICLE338
2021-03Rational surface modification of ZnO with siloxane polymers for room-temperature-operated thin-film transistor-based gas sensorsJang, Moonjeong; Lee, Juyeon; Park, Se Yeon; Lee, Jiyun; Lee, Kyung Min; Song, Wooseok; Myung, Sung; Lee, Sun Sook; Jung, Ha-Kyun; Kang, Yun Chan; Kwak, Sang Kyu; An, Ki-SeokARTICLE531
2018-10-26Screening of Metal Halide for Selective CO AdsorptionKim, Yu Jin; Lee, Ji Eun; Lee, Jeong Hyeon; Kim, Jin Chul; Lee, Kyung Min; Lim, Hyeong Yong; Kwak, Sang KyuCONFERENCE386
2019-07-10Solvation of Lanthanide Ions (III) in bifunctional ionic liquid: Molecular Dynamics StudyLee, Kyung Min; Shin, Eunhye; Kwak, Sang KyuCONFERENCE365
Showing results 1 to 20 of 29