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2009-07A Compiler Optimization to Reduce Soft Errors in Register FilesLee, Jongeun; Shrivastava, AviralARTICLE1093
2009-06-19A Compiler Optimization to Reduce Soft Errors in Register FilesLee, Jongeun; Shrivastava, AviralCONFERENCE394
2010-07A Compiler-Microarchitecture Hybrid Approach to Soft Error Reduction for Register FilesLee, Jongeun; Shrivastava, A.ARTICLE1068
2016-10-23A new approach to binarizing neural networksSeo, Jungwoo; Yu, Joonsang; Lee, Jongeun; Choi, KiyoungCONFERENCE472
2017-06-18A New Stochastic Computing Multiplier with Application to Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksSim, Hyeonuk; Lee, JongeunCONFERENCE460
2009-01-19A Software Solution for Dynamic Stack Management on Scratch Pad MemoryKannan, Arun; Shrivastava, Aviral; Pabalkar, Amit; Lee, JongeunCONFERENCE420
2009-11A Software-Only Solution to Use Scratch Pads for Stack DataShrivastava, Aviral; Kannan, Arun; Lee, JongeunARTICLE1225
2017-11-05Accurate and Efficient Stochastic Computing Hardware for Convolutional Neural NetworksYu, Joonsang; Kim, Jyounghoon; Lee, Jongeun; Choi, KiyoungCONFERENCE492
2022-10-23Accurate Prediction of ReRAM Crossbar Performance Under I-V Nonlinearity and IR DropLee, Sugil; Fouda, Mohammed; Lee, Jongeun; Eltawil, Ahmed; Kurdahi, FadiCONFERENCE770
2003-07An algorithm for mapping loops onto coarse-grained reconfigurable architecturesLee, Jongeun; Choi, K; Dutt, NDARTICLE1726
2003-06-11An Algorithm For Mapping Loops Onto Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable ArchitecturesLee, Jongeun; Choi, K; Dutt, NDCONFERENCE317
2018-12An Efficient and Accurate Stochastic Number Generator Using Even-distribution CodingZhakatayev, Aidyn; Kim, Kyounghoon; Choi, Kiyoung; Lee, JongeunARTICLE1085
2016-01-25An Energy-Efficient Random Number Generator for Stochastic CircuitsKim, Kyounghoon; Lee, Jongeun; Choi, KiyoungCONFERENCE356
2016-02Application-Level Performance Improvement for Stream Program on CGRA-based systemsLee, Jongeun; Lee, HongsikMaster's thesis1027
2015-11-02Approximate De-randomizer for Stochastic CircuitsKim, Kyounghoon; Lee, Jongeun; Choi, KiyoungCONFERENCE473
2013-10Architecture Customization of On-Chip Reconfigurable AcceleratorsYoon, Jonghee W.; Lee, Jongeun; Park, Sanghyun; Kim, Yongjoo; Lee, Jinyong; Paek, Yunheung; Cho, DoosanARTICLE1184
2018-03-25Architecture exploration of standard-cell and FPGA-overlay CGRAs using the open-source CGRA-ME frameworkChin, S. Alexander; Niu, Kuang Ping; Walker, Matthew; Yin, Shizhang; Mertens, Alexander; Lee, Jongeun; Anderson, Jason HCONFERENCE332
2020-09-07Architecture-Accuracy Co-optimization of ReRAM-based Low-cost Neural Network ProcessorLee, Segi; Lee, Sugil; Lee, Jongeun; Choi, Jong-Moon; Kwon, Do-Wan; Hong, Seung-Kwang; Kwon, Kee-WonCONFERENCE647
2021-06-20Automated Log-Scale Quantization for Low-Cost Deep Neural NetworksOh, Sangyun; Sim, Hyeonuk; Lee, Sugil; Lee, JongeunCONFERENCE323
2010-09Binary acceleration using coarse-grained reconfigurable architecturePaek, Jong Kyung; Choi, Kiyoung; Lee, JongeunARTICLE1146
Showing results 1 to 20 of 124